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The Dream No One Believed


I've never put this story down in written form. Those I've shared this story feel I made it up I was possessed. Over the years I have had many premonition dreams but this one I shared. Here is my story:

I had a dream I was driving in my truck on a back road with my friend Dave (name has been changed). I look left and see a house a little ways back and it's on fire. My friend Dave shakes my shoulder and we make eye contact. He says, "they will say it's an electrical fire but they're wrong. Someone did it. Someone started the fire." I woke up very confused. At breakfast my mom answered a phone call and informed my family that Dave's family's house has burned to the ground. I was floored. I told her my dream and she cried saying I was possessed. She had me speak with the bishop of my church. He informed me that I couldn't have those dreams about others only him (I used to be mormon and this is mormon belief that only bishops can have premonitions about other people). He prayed over me and instructed me sternly never to speak of it again. Confused and hurt I search for clarity. My friend Dave heard from his mom about my dream and he asked for me to it with him. He told me it was electrical fire but I knew what he told me in the dream. So I never spoke of it for one month until I received a phone call from Dave's brother-in-law. He wanted to meet, he wanted to know about the dream. I meet and tell him. When I share the part of the cause of the fire his jaw dropped. He looked at the ground. He told me that if I told anyone what he was going to tell me he would deny it for insurance reasons. They told the insurance the fire was a electrical fire but in truth the fire was cause by a grand daughter playing with a candle on a couch. It bothered me that I had the dream but it bothered me a lot more that no one believed me.

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Mykeoguns (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-13)
[at] Darwin that's wrong. Even our creator 'God' in his word says "he does whatever he please" the gift could be heaven sent!
Mistynightblues (2 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-02)
Hi, I am not a Mormon. I do believe anyone could experience premonitions. I too have had this experience. There are times when you need to believe that not everything is black and white. You know that you are a good person don't let anyone make you think less of who you are. Your ability to see premonitions isn't from satan. Just wondering though... Why did your friend's uncle feel the need to share with you the real story of how that fire started? Was it just to validate your dream? Or to clear his conscious?
Darwins_Ghost (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-28)
Jelepeno you are correct that as Mormons we can receive premonitions or revelations. BUT you can only receive it for yourself or family if you are a parent. You cannot receive it for others. Only the bishops has the ability to receive revelation for others thus making my dream either invalid or from satan.
Jelepeno (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-27)
While this is interesting, I do feel the need to correct you on something.
We mormons don't believe that only bishops can have premonitions about other people. It can happen to anyone, really. I honestly don't know where you got that idea...
Anyways: The answer is simple. You are gifted, and so you had a dream warning you of what was to come.

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