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Sensing Dead Relatives And Other Spirits


I am new here but have been reading other's stories. I would love some advice on if what I am feeling is real or not and also how can I strengthen my ability.

I have, from a young age, sensed things around me. There was only 1 situation where I saw a "spirit" in the physical world. I normally just sense or feel them. All my life I have been able to feel others emotions and basically read people. Sometimes I can see colors around people or lights. A lot of times when I am sitting by myself doing things I feel someone standing behind me and on occasion have seen a silhouette.

To make this as short as possible, I believe in God and I am a religious person but I do believe that what I feel is true. I was scared of this during my teens years and up until recently, I am 31. I am not afraid any more and have learned how to control any negativity that I feel. I will briefly describe what has been happening and any insight is greatly appreciated.

Most nights, I wake up during the early morning hours and can feel someone in my room. If I feel that it is negative I command it to leave but most of the time I feel very comfortable with "it". My grandmother, who I was very close to, has been coming and we talk and also another family member. I love these visits. But, also, I have had visitors come that I don't know. One night, it was a Yankee baseball player by the name of "Joe". What do I say to these spirits that I don't know and why do they show up at my home? Also, when a spirit comes and I talk with them how do I find out who they are? One night I had a war veteran come and I found out his name but the next morning when I tried to look him up I couldn't find him. I know I am rambling! I just want to be clear on everything that happens and know why it happens to me. Also, how to strengthen my abilities now that I am comfortable with them. I would like to find out more info on the spirits who come to me but I have never meet them before. One last incident that I will tell you about is one night I woke up, because I am not asleep when I feel the spirits, there was a man standing there with a parachute still attached to him like he had just jumped from a plane and he told me his name was Dan something. The next day I looked up people by the name he gave me who had gotten killed jumping from planes and sure enough I found a man by that name who was killed jumping from a plane and he looked just like the man I saw. My question is why? Why did he come to me? I want to help if that's the reason. Thanks for any advice.

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Pixxiii (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-18)
Have you asked these spirits why they come to you? I don't know, maybe you are able to sense them better than most people, so they come to you. What I do know is that they are not finished on Earth, if they were then they wouldn't be hanging around.

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