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Facing Up To My Ability


I go back about 12 years I had a day off work and was just reading the local paper, I was in New Zealand at the time, being born there and 42 years old, when I noticed an add with the heading" LEARN HOW TO SEE GHOSTS".

My first thought was who the hell would want to see ghosts! As my past and present has been nothing but ghosts, they have driven me to despair to say the least. I carried on reading the paper when some bright Idea came from somewhere,"Go to the show he may help you with your ghosts" He was a psychic of 35yrs experience.

I contemplated that thought for about an hour and eventually decided to contact this person to see if his show could help me rid these ghosts from my life, He said no but I should come along anyway, of course at $100.

I have had ghosts in my life ever since I can remember and also these "ABILITIES".My family all knew but I wanted nothing of it and just let these odd things occur and kept them to myself and immediate family until this day 12 years ago.

Tonight is the night!, I didn't know what to expect and was full of apprehension and a little scared

The psychic starts, introduces himself and proceeds, asks if anyone has seen an aura to which only myself and three others say yes. During this demonstration I was the only one to see several colours and the colour purple and he explained the significance of this, which was, the one who can see purple is of the psychic world, woop de do I thought, also during this demonstration I was seeing people but was able to ignore them.

That was pretty good, quite enjoyed that, in particular being the only one to see purple.

The next segment he showed people how he was able to see ghosts and that's when it got too much for me and I stormed out of the room crying, shaking with fear and extremely upset with what I had seen.

I was out in the foyer pacing madly but not leaving? What I had seen was my father standing over my dead uncle, of whom I was close, and even though I have these "ghosts" in my life I had not seen my father, who passed 8 years previous, before this.

It took ten minutes for me to calm down and once calm I decided to go back in. Thats when I knew I was different.

When I came back in the psychic knew I was upset and just let me be and I decided to participate, he had an elderly man up front on stage and everyone was asked if they could see anything? They had a lesson on how to see spirits while I was outside but no one could see then he asked me!

I didn't hesitate and straight away said I could see a boy aged about 12 in a blue shirt and yellow shorts blonde hair standing next to you with his hand on your shoulder at that moment the man started to cry and the psychic enquired what was wrong and the man replied that I was describing his son on the day he died 35 years ago! There was a gasp from the audience of about 40 people. That was fun

The next person got up, a well to do lady, again nobody around the room could see anything, then I was asked and immediately rattled off how she was standing next to a coffin with what appears to be a man lying in uniform, a soldier, officer maybe, then she starts to cry also, it appears I was describing her husbands coffin /funeral when he died 9months earlier he was an officer in the british army.

Now I must say this "ability"was getting exciting and I was the centre of attention because of it. It was the same with the rest of the people that went on the stage I was able to see dead people which was relative to them and everyone was actually excited for me in my ability.

Another segment was where the psychic asked if anyone new of somebody who was sick. At that point I looked around the room and saw this man was literally dying in front of me he was just falling apart like a zombie UNBELIEVABLE and I had my hand up to say this guy here? And it was at that point I realised that my ability was something really special and I shouldnt go around and say" hey do you know you are dying ".

Further to that, a lady gives us a friend of hers who is sick, the psychic insists not to mention the "illness"as we the audience was to try and pinpoint what it may be. As he went to each person most were saying heart problems then it was my turn, everyone was saying what do you see Dave then I spoke of the person having a problem in this region rubbing my lower abdomen and saying maybe the liver and the person was dying of cancer of the liver.

As the evening came to a close I was not asked to "see" again as the psychic let me know that I was stealing his thunder, but the reality was I could "see" more than he could and he didn't like that one bit.

From that day on I have changed my view towards my "ability" and learnt to try and live with it, not really, even though the ghosts are still there I guess they will never go away. However as far as my other" skills" are concerned I have been learning new things since but again pretty much to myself and close friends as one day I divulged a fair bit of my ability to some one (another psychic) and they convinced me to keep it to myself.

By coming to this site I hope to try and get advice to improve this gift if I can call it that.


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TheSilhouett3 (6 posts)
8 years ago (2013-11-17)
Wow, you really are gifted!
I don't know if you hear this all the time but, meditation really helps develop your gifts and also teaches you how to handle them. I normally use crystals to help me as I'm sensitive enough to feel their vibrations. You could try that, or just meditate to music you like.
Its not as hard as it is presented. You don't really need to clear your mind, you can let thoughts wander in and out until your mind silences itself. Thats when you feel relaxed, and anything that happens during meditation will not scare you, unless youre not grounded. If you arent grounded your spirit is free enough to roam into different astral planes and dimensions so you might find that you bump into unusual spirits that scare you. Staying grounded ensures that you don't float too far from the shore (so to speak)
Try this once a week, and then adjust it to see when it would benefit you. Then you may want to record any visions or messages that will show you where to go next.
I hope this helped, but if you ever need more help, feel free to email me at zubairaaziz [at]
Always happy to help:)

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