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I Suspect I Might Be Clairaudient


There have been multiple times in the past where I heard a low conversation in the distance, but when I go investigate, no one is there. This has not happened recently, though, at least over a year. It also normally happens at night, and I only recall it happening in my current house. I don't think they're ghosts because I've noticed no other paranormal activity.

When I was in middle school, I would hear songs being played. I would turn my head left and right to figured out the source of the song, then I realized it was playing in my own head. I know people get songs "stuck" in their head, but for me it would be so vividly heard. I will say that I'm not one much to explore a bunch of songs, even from a band I liked unless I really liked them, so I often played the same songs over and over. This might have made my mind more familiar with the songs and their structures.

I have heard a sort of scuffling sound on my laminate bedroom floor at night twice. I have a dog who sleeps in my room, but he was on my bed. I checked. They didn't happen in a close length of time, I would say. It happened within the last full year, though.

This last one might have nothing to do with clairaudience, though it's definitely strange, so it might be something.

Once when I was 9, I was still awake in my bed while everyone else was asleep. And yes, I'm certain everyone else was asleep. I had a nightlight nest to my door and the door cracked open. My bedroom was right next to the stairs, and my bed faced the door. I heard sounds of footsteps going up and down the stairs but saw no one. I also heard a sound that sounded as though feet were lightly shuffling against the hardwood floors at the foot of the stairs. I also heard the sound of drawers opening and closing directly below my room, like the kitchen cabinets, but the living room was directly below my room. I will say that sound traveled well in that house, but it still sounded as though it was right below the air vent in my room, which was close to my bed. It only happened one night. And yes, I'm very certain I was awake (and terrified)

I know there's a fair chance this might be a hodgepodge of unrelated strange occurrences, and MAYBE it's a little wishful thinking, since I am into psychic abilities (I don't know if I believe them for certain, but I do enjoy pondering the possibility of their existence), but any and all opinions would help! Thanks:)

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