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I Think I Might Be Gifted


I don't really know where to begin. Things have happened my entire life that don't really make sense, but the older I get, the more heightened my abilities have become. Yet, ever since my grandmother passed, my abilities have become ashtonishingly more noticeable and occur more often. I think I might be gifted, or maybe I just have a lot of coincidences. I'll give you a few examples and let you decide. When I'm driving in the car I'll think "oh I wish this song would come on" or "this would be a great song to listen to right now" and then all of a sudden it will turn on. Yet, when I try to guess the song purposefully that will play next I'm only right 75% of the time. If I'm thinking of a specific person, that person will either show up or someone else will begin to talk to me about them out of the blue. I'm very aware of my surroundings and am highly empathetic. If someone is sad, I'm sad. If someone is stressed out or angry, I'm stressed out or angry. I can't even kill an insect and if I do I feel awful for the rest of the day because in my head all I can think about is that insects family and home and the misery I just put them through. I can connect with people very easily, and lately I've noticed people start to feel a sense of calm once I acknowledge them and they know I'm here to listen to them. I don't have a lot of friends. I prefer to stay at home, and I'm always tired. Yet, even with no energy I make sure others are always put before myself because if I were in their shoes I would appreciate the hard work I've put in for them. If I don't put in that hard work I feel guilty knowing I could of helped them more. I struggle from high functioning anxiety which leaves it hard for me to think sometimes. Even for instance today, I was working on bar (im a barista) and I knew that the grounds drawer was going to become full in the middle of making this beverage. Not because I know how long it takes to fill up, I wasn't even keeping track. The thought just popped in my head and low and behold, the grounds drawer filled up in the middle of me making the same drink only a minute after thinking about it. Yet, the weirdest things have been happening between me and my mom, and these things seldom happened before but in the last month have been extremely weird and frequent. I'll just give two examples since I realize this post is pretty long, a few weeks ago I was shopping online to get some bath bombs when I realized I was about to be running late for work so I had to cancel my order and decided I would come back to it after work. I came home from work to find that my mom had bought me bath bombs because she saw them in the store and thought I would like them. I never use bath bombs ever and I never mentioned wanting to get any to anyone. And then yesterday, my mom and I had been arguing the last week but I knew she was under the weather and decided I would bring her a drink on my lunch break in hopes to surprise her and improve her mood. Literally minutes before going on my break, my mom walks in the door, wanting to surprise me at work and improve my mood. This happened at the same time I began telling a friend I was going to surprise her. I don't know what's going on guys. Maybe I'm just looking to deep into all of this. But the last year I've realized I'm becoming very aware of my spiritual senses, and in the last month alone I've noticed my gift becoming stronger than it's ever been before. Maybe this is all coincidences because there are times I'm wrong as well... But maybe I could actually be gifted. I'm not sure. But I'd love to know your thoughts. Thank you.

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Tara2191 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-25)
OMG This ALL sounds just like me... #11 folows me. I read Goddess Tarot and have always been very good but after looking up what seeing 11,22,33 all the time and realizing it's Numerology has seriously blown my freaking mind! IT'S SO CRAZY I STILL HAVE HARD TIME BELIEVING. After learning about my connection to 11 I was changed forever. I'm so more in tune to spiritual experiences, ways I never ever thought possible even for me. I know things, random things about people and not sure how unless I'm channeling, once I got scared and as I laid in bed praying I asked God "If that was really you answering me through that man at the laundromat today then just PLEASE let me hear my name, just say my name"
Immediately I heard a deep powerful man's voice say "TARA"
I got startled and then heard thee most amazing singing/music I've ever heard in my life! It was angels, I know it! It was indescribable, beautiful and soooo unique. I'm a writer and have compared it to that of 'hearing glitter sparkle'
I'm forever changed and so more aware
P1ka16 (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-15)
Hi Coffeelover! From your post it sounds like you have the law of attraction, premonition, and synchronocities going on. This usually happens when you are at the appropriate vibration level to strengthen your gifts, if that is something you want to do. Repeating numbers and "coincidentally" aligned situations happened to me. I took the signs and ended up on a spiritually gifted journey that I would have never dreamed possible. I was led to many people to work with and almost all of them, I would call to make an appointment and tell them "I have no idea why I'm needing to see you, I just know that I am, so here I am," and would go from there. Every session that happened, even if I didn't understand, helped me on another leg of the journey. The songs that you hear, do you ever research the lyrics? Instead of numbers, this may be a way that your spirits are trying to communicate with you. When working with the law of attraction, it is very important to watch your thoughts because what you think will be attracted to you which creates your reality. Once you get a harness on it then you can really work with it. Since you already know you're an Empath, you could also be picking up the energy from others which help with your premonitions.

Your mom sounds like she is a sensitive too whether she is conscious of it or not. Many times gifts are inherited and passed down through family lines. It sounds like you're on the beginning of a great journey should you choose to follow. Ask for messages and signs and you will be surprised of what comes to you in daily life! How fun!
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-14)
Hi Coffeelover! (Me too!)
You are blessed indeed. When the Great White Spirit, called God, has conferred his spiritual gifts on you, and you are spiritually ready to receive them, they well up like a fountain and must not be suppressed but used. Your Guide, (Guardian Angel) will lead you wherever you must go.
There is so much for you to learn but you can make a start by reading on the web: Teachings of Silver Birch.
You are also invited to read my blogs:
God bless and enjoy your spiritual journey!

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