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A Door I Might Accidentally Opened


First of all,I've encountered with spirits for six months and I think I might have accidentally opened the door of spiritual world. I had great interest in these stuff, being psychic and all those supernatural things. I had some psychic experiences when I was about seven years old.But,as I grew up, they seemed to lose. I didn't notice it at all and once I read an article about how to open third eye. I was really interested and I tried it once. Only once!But,things were not just as right as before, after I tried that stuff.Sometimes,I feel presence of a spirit and staring at me. I couldn't sleep those days and still sometimes it really makes me scared.Now,I see shadowy figures at night or even in daytime. I see them in a while and now I feel it is trying to control me. I won't let this happen and fortunately I can still be myself.

I know I'm in a dangerous situation and that's why I came up here to look for an answer or seek a help. When I'm scared of those things, I try to protect myself by asking for a protection. My spiritual guides are unknown and I hadn't found them yet. Or I think all of these was started when I tried to open my third eye and it made the door of spiritual world opens and made a connection with them.I'm confused or tired of these things. I really want that door to shut.But,don't know how.

And one more thing is that I had some other psychic abilities such as Clairsentience, Empath, recognition and healing. I started to develop them after the door opened.So,is that door and my abilities are related? I don't want to lose them and I still want to be a psychic. Am I really meant to be psychic or is that a trick? I feel like they're trying to harm me or control me. I know that since something's really warning me and trying to protect me but it seemed the bad side is stronger than the good. I don't want to be controlled and I want that door or the connection to be closed. Please help me as I really need a help. Sorry for my grammar mistakes and thanks for reading this. I really mean it and I hope I will find a way soon.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-18)
pray if you are afraid you opened a door you should not have opened you always will have gifts. Only from god this time.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-10)
If you have lived a balanced life without intentionally hurting other. Not a drug user or excessive alcohol. Then you are just sensing fear of the unknown.
The best option is to learn all you can.
Subjects as guides/protection. Earthbound spirits and how the universal laws work.

You are a powerful spiritual being and the door of understanding and wisdom will allow you to walk in peace and knowledge.

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