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How To Improve My Precognition


Over the past 4-5 months I've been having these dreams and they seem really real. Once I wake up I'll remember the dream for a day and then after that I don't remember them at all anymore. That's normal for people to forget their dreams but then one day any time between 1 month to a few minutes, what I saw in the dream happens to me.

For example, I went to visit my family this summer and I was sitting at a table with my cousin that I hadn't seen since I was 4, so I had no clue what she looked like now until I saw her again this summer, then she opened up a can of grape crush soda and I felt really dizzy and sick all of a sudden and I remembered I dream I had a month or so before that where the exact same thing happened. We were wearing the same clothes, she had the same drink, everything was exactly the same. I pretty much remembered every detail of the dream again because that's what I was seeing in real life now.

That same sort of experience has happened to me another four times, so five times total. I have looked it up online and it's apparently called precognition but that's all that I know about it. I don't know that it's one of those dreams until the event happens in real life.

My dad and sister don't believe in psychics or anything like that so I haven't told them. I have told my mom though because she believes in that kind of stuff. But even she doesn't really believe that it's happening to me. She says it's 'just deja vu" and that it's normal for that to happen to a teenager. But it's not deja vu because I have been in that exact same experience before and I had never been to the place, or seen the people there before.

I don't know how to tell my family about it and I don't know how to be able to tell when I'm having one of those dreams. I think I saw somewhere that there is a way to enhance the ability and I would love to do that. If anyone could tell me anything about this I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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