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Precognition: What Does This Mean And How Can I Control It


my name is Cal, I'm a 23 year old male living in Florida.

I believe I can dream the future, I suppose I theorize that I posses the ability of precognition. I will discuss why I think this and some dreams I have had.

I think everyone has some ability to do paranormal things, after all human beings have been reporting these same kinds of experiences I'm having for as long as humanity has been around.

Apart of me thinks it is not logical and therefore not true, that maybe everyone including myself is just reading too much into their supposed ability and it should be dismissed, however that is dismissing something that has been around for a while simply because I cannot find proof of it, which is not smart.

I would say that my precognitive ability became very aware to me two years ago, when I was going through a drastic change in my life. I was getting ready to go into the military, and I was scared. There is a difference between certain dreams people have. Some dreams are your subconscious attempting to work through something that's troubling you, or nightmares, or just dreams that you have, but the dreams I am concerned about are ones so vivid and clear it was as if I was there, those dreams that you wake up in a cold sweat and think, why and how in the hell did I just see that? Or ones that you remember vivid emotions and triumphs and I can still recollect right now.

I don't know what I believe in as far as god goes, but if hes real, is he sending me these dreams so I can know my future? Am I crazy for thinking these thoughts? (crazy people don't know their crazy so the fact that I'm checking myself is a good sign haha)

In the first precognitive dream I had it started out as a birds eye view of a town, swooping in like a movie, and it was beautiful. A school. Buildings, children playing, grassy fields, beautiful gardens, and then it came to me. I was walking out of a house. I was happy. I was lighting up a cigarette, and I stopped and gathered myself, enjoyed the moment. I could see myself in this dream, I don't remember exactly how I looked or how old I was but I could tell it was me and it was in the future, I think I was 40 or 50, much older and wiser than I am now. But I lit up the cigarette and then began walking to a house, and entered. It was a classroom full of children. And I'm not sure who it was but I believe it to be my father was sitting in a desk. It was a man with a beard and longer hair and he was in a desk with a lot of kids in desks, he was a teacher. And when I say this was vivid, I mean it was as if I was there, I can remember every detail about the dream, such as multiracial children, pens and paper, a chalkboard, things that you don't remember in dreams. But the man sitting in the desk gave me a very respectful nod, and I began to talk to the class about how they should listen to the man because he knew a lot. I walked out, and I came up a hill, and a woman was playing soccer with some children. I joined them.

I have also had a dream where I was with a woman and I had a child, and I buckled the child into their car seat and drove off with the woman, very vividly.

There was a dream where I was in war, and saw someone die.

Ive had dreams about the military training place I want to go to, where I am doubting myself but then recollect that I dreamt the moment and persevere.

One that really sticks out in my mind was I was walking in a desert, and I was swooped up by a bird, or a teradactal or some kind of animal, I was put into a nest, and then I fell off, and continued to fall, head first, into the ground, past the ground, and then into a cave, into water, a lake of underground water, and then ended up in a village. And underground village full of, and I know this sounds crazy, gnomes that needed my help. Then I was on a ship, and I was having a disagreement with someone, and then I was drowning in water until someone pulled me out.

I guess what I am wondering is these few dreams, they are less than 7 dreams that I am sure are precognition of my future, how can I tell if they are precognition or if I'm just over thinking this whole thing? If they are precognition, are they sure to happen? Is a precognition guaranteed? Because if they are how does that effect free will? If a precognition is real, are we predestined? Do we even have free will if the future is set? I have de javu at times, I haven't had it in a while, but when a moment in time happens, your sure you have been there before, that you have seen this moment in time before, even though you haven't. Any relations to precognition or proof would be helpful. I just want to understand what this is and if its even real.

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SoulSeer (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-11)
It has a fifty-fifty change of being a precognition. It may be true, depending on whether they are really visions of the future. Judging from your descriptions, I reckon that most of them are precognitions.
You should try meditating and calming your soul as sometimes the power can go out of control. I hope you handle your power well.
Jimmiejam (9 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-30)
Hey calport117

The body is a clever thing, in itself it can store dogmas and mindsets attached
To different parts of the body, if you were heartbroken then this emotion would
Be stuck in the heart chakra for instance. So when it comes to dreams, every night
You will swallow them through the back of your throat in what is called the well
Of dreams and the more you remember each night, the more you will understand
What your body (subconscious) is trying to tell you.

This is great because I find that in dreams they also seem to explain how to get
Around each problem also, you just have to start keeping a blog on what you
Remember each morning before you start your day and potentially forget what you
Dreampt about.

The last dream sounded real but in a different sense, it seemed like it was more
Likely to be telling you that there is a problem in the now that you have (which
Could be a worry about the future, possibly that you feel like you're on a one
Track destination in this case), which is more of a reason to decipher your dreams
To know which feeling this is attached to so you know what you need to solve.

As it relates to free will, if you looked into your future you'd see an untold
Number of paths that you could choose at any given time that would change outcomes
Ahead, so it's no so much taking away from free will or anything, it's more like
If things keep going down the path that they currently are, then these things
Are more likely to happen than if you changed your mind due to new interests or
Whatever else may change the course enough to change such dead-set life choices
That you seem to be certain on for the future.

I've just read what Boson has put after I wrote this, not to take anything away
From him because he's right in what he said, but we've worded things differently
And I don't feel that what I said in the last paragraph would make any sense
Without repeating it somewhat, sorry.
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-28)
Hello calport117,

PathR already wrote a good response. I just wanted to add a few things.

Having those existential thoughts is a healthy sign of being spiritually awakened. That's how it all begins. You have millions of questions without answers and not much makes any sense. Little by little you will gain insight in spiritual matters and little by little you will be able to connect the dots and find relations between phenomena that actually make sense.

It's a classic thought about free will and how it relates to the future and whether it's deterministic or not because of the free will that cannot be infringed upon at least not in a spiritual sense. This is still an open question, so what I say is just my own view. The future is filled with events and chain of events which are all determined by their probability to occur. What you normally see in precognition is the most likely event to manifest. I say normally because there are some exceptions. So unless something unexpected happens, a given vision will most likely happen as seen. So back to your questions: "Is a precognition guaranteed?" That would be a no - but almost guaranteed I would say. And the time aspect, meaning the time lapse between now and the future time in a precognition, doesn't seem to matter that much which may sound surprising. I mention that because you wrote about a vision of your future many decades from now. It has happened to me many times that glimpses of my own future as seen 20+ years ago happened exactly as seen back then. That may be the case for your vision too. I would recommend that you write down the dreams you suspect to be premonitions, because 20 years from now it may be hard for you to remember older dreams.

PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-28)
Precognition viewing the future, can be a dream that flips into remote viewing.
Events can be past/present/future.
Time is a verb.

The events synchronized with time will always occur without fail? Free will has a lot to do with changes.

To get a clear picture, take notes of dreams. Make notes of your desire/thoughts and intentions and goals. The dreams are validating your aims at that particular time and will occur if you continue on your path. The situation of an argument does not need to occur but can be a forewarning. So avoid the subject.

To summarize precognition can be events of past/present/future the best course of action one should take. Events of what others think short you. Obstacles and what can be the final out come.

To cultivate this meditate. Clear your mind and emotions and ask what you wish to know about. By disciplining your own thoughts and emotions you can become a clear channel. It takes years and a devoted heart for self development to be precise.

Hope this helpss

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