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The Death Of An Old Friend. Contacting Me?


Dear readers,

Only a few months back, there was an article published online and in the papers that a young man by the name of Kevin passed away by a shooting in the location of his own home. I did a tad more research and realized that it was one of my close friends from Middle School. We did not hang out much in high school because he was involved in a lot of activities I was not fond of... So unfortunately we distanced. But while we were great friends when we were younger and spent many days together with our clique. Kevin was a real cool dude, and he was always one to have a smile on his face and a great sense of humor to match. That's why we were close friends! I was very saddened to see that he had passed.

Now, to address my concern. Within the last two months I have been having dreams of him speaking with me. The first dream was of me and an ex girlfriend. We were spending time together at a random location, and it was like any regular dream. All of the sudden, Kevin appears and we are both very confused. I tell my girl in the dream "His name is Kevin; he is a good friend of mine... I think he passed away. He must be a ghost." and Kevin replied in the dream "What? No I didn't. Look dude, I didn't pass away. I'm still here! You see me now don't you!" I replied "I'm not sure, man. I heard in the news that you were shot. I am so sorry, Kev." my dream then ended.

I just had another dream last night, and he appeared AGAIN! He said to me "Whatever happened, one of us had a knife."

I feel like he is still here, and he has not moved on. I am not sure if he knows how to move on. I honestly don't think that he wants to accept that he is deceased. Like I said before. When we were 14 years old, we were VERY close friends! High School rolled around, he fell into drugs, alcohol, and other bad things. And I didn't. So we distanced... We literally didn't talk to each other at all, except here and there during passing period. Keep in mind I am now 21, and actually graduated early at 17. I'm not sure why he would choose me?

The only only other time I had been contacted by any spirit in my dreams was a week after my grandfather passed. He appeared in my dream and my whole family was there in my living room too. We were asking him questions of the other-world and he said "Yes, it actually exists up there! It's beautiful! I feel young again, no aches or pains...! Don't worry about me. I am happy, and have moved on!" It was a very positive experience, and I woke up feel vibrant, melancholy, but relieved to know that he is okay. Every time I dream of Kevin, I feel a heavy feeling in my room. Not a bad feeling; just a feeling of worry, strife, and sadness. A feeling that Kevin is lost.

What do I do about this? What does this mean? I've had lots of paranormal experiences and they are all so confusing to me... Please help me!

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