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I Am Dreaming About My Pet Snake


I have always had dreams that have come to pass, but I have never dreamed of snakes. We were at a friend's house and she had a baby boa named Sporty. She was going to be moving and she was unable to take Sporty with her so we agreed to take her. I never handle or took care of any reptiles so was little worried about her care. I was never afraid of her though. We brought her home and put her in her aquarium he went outside and I went to take a nap. I have never dreamed of any snakes before in my life, but I dreamt she crawled out the aquarium. I jumped up and he just came in the house and I was saying hurry she is out she is out don't let the dog get her. Sure enough when we got in there she was not in her cage but was in the planter below it. She was safe and sound and we put her back in her cage, this time with a lid on it.

From the time she came home to us I began having dreams of her. Whenever I would lay down most of the time I would dream of her.

I have always loved animals and was fond of her. She grew very very quick. When we got her she was no more than 12 inches long and we had her a couple months or so she was almost 3ft long. There is one thing I have failed to mention during these dreams she would talk to me in my dreams. And this one night I dreamed we talked as usual except she told me she was going to leave me. She said she was going to die. I kept telling her no no no she couldn't do that. She said she was sorry but couldn't change that. I began crying telling please don't leave me. I didn't want her to die I didn't want her to leave me. Then she still looked like a snake but she was lit up like a white light and slithered away.

Next day soon as I woke I checked on her and she was fine. I was almost afraid to look. I didn't say anything to anyone about the dreams I had or had been having. It was a busy day we were gone most of the day. When we got home it was night. Soon as we got in the door I did as I usually did check on our dog and check on Sporty. Soon as I got near her cage and looked in the aquarium my heart sank. I began crying saying "No no no why. She told me she was going to die, but why? She said she was going to die, I told her I didn't want her to." He told me no no she is ok look. He had picked her up and was showing me she was moving and ok. I stopped crying, I was down to sniffling and I sat at her cage watching her every move. It was time for dinner so washed up and we ate. We went outside for about an hour and when we came in she had passed. I started crying all over again repeating that she had told me she was going to die.

The weird and odd thing about this is after she died dreaming of snakes and her stopped completely. I guess I am trying to understand what happened and has anyone else ever experienced such dreams. If you're wondering why she passed we believe when she shed her skin it got caught over her nose and she smothered. The vet said that can happen in small snakes. It is so odd I have never ever dreamed of snakes until then. And for the dreams to stop and never happen again is quite strange. I would love to have another snake but not so sure I want to dream of snakes like that again.

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foxfire290 (6 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-26)
Thank you for responding I never truly thought of it that way. And yes it was very unnerving I agree. It does feel better to know I am not the only one to go through that. I must agree about the premonition. Thinking on it and looking at other dreams I have had in the past.
I still wonder why like you did I dream of her every night from day one. And in the dreams I knew it was her and not any other snake. Isn't it odd though you never dreamt of one until you owned one. I have had pets in my life but never dreamt of them like that. And once you gave him away your dreams stopped as well.
I wish I could respond more but I am still trying to sort out in my head. I so appreciate your response letting me know I am not alone, though leaves to wonder why would a snake affect anyone like that is quite odd. I do thank you so much for responding thanks for the insight!
Thanks again
AnneV (4 stories) (1062 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-01-25)
Most people don't have pet snakes let alone boa constrictors but I did! As kids, we grew up with snakes as my father had an interest in, and was friends, with a Herpetologist.

Anyway, later in life I had a pet boa as well. As soon as I got the snake, I started dreaming every night about him. And the dreams were not just about him but he was always featured somewhere in my dreams. He'd be sitting on the sideline or hanging off something but no matter what I dreamed, there he was. It ended up unnerving me enough to give him away. I mean, this went on for many months and it started to spook me. I've had pets all my life but that snake was the only thing that I dreamt of like that.

Snakes are interesting creatures. They are in paintings, hieroglyphs, imbedded in religion and culture, you name it. Some cultures revere it, some loath is. Funny enough, my Chinese astrological sign in the snake!

As for how your snake talked to you, I've heard similar things with people who have had near death experiences and met their deceased pet on the other side. They will have conversations with their pet which they don't understand. But where does our speech come from? It comes from the mental plane and I think though we communicate consciously with words, we can also communicate unconsciously in dreams and just perceive it as "talking". Also, your dream was a premonition and you probably projected the speech onto the snake so you'd understand the message other wise it would have sounded like this 'ssss'. In other words, the snake wasn't really talking, just you projecting the message through what you personally understand - English words.

Thanks for sharing!

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