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I Need To Know What Am I?


It all started when I was first born, the exact time I was born was the exact time and day my nan died, when my parents bought me back home and put me in my cot my sister told me she saw my nan's shadow going into my nursery when she opened the door all she saw was me floating and the cradle rocking.

The next freaky thing that happened to me was when I was four years old I use to talk to a girl no one else could she her but me and only me after three years my family finally asked me who are you talking too in which I replied Ruth, after that I have never seen her since until I went to secondary school I made friends with a girl who was called Ruth and looked the same as my childhood friend.

After being friends with Ruth for four years I finally told her and that I only spoke to her for three years, then she told me something spooky the days I was speaking to Ruth when I was four was the same year Ruth was in hospital in a coma for three years she said that when she first saw me she thought she had seen me before.

Got my first part time job as a cleaner in a pub at the age of thirteen the second day I worked there was the first time I saw it half man half animal breathing on my neck I couldn't move I was that scared it said I own these grounds and no one not even you can make me leave and with that he disappeared. I never went back to that job or back in that pub.

In 2008 I moved out of my mom and dad's rented a room with my best friend Sam and his family. First thing I saw was a dog I ask Sam what's the dogs name and pointed by the door of my room, Sam said "what dog?" So as I look back I described the dog to Sam he goes that was Bobby he died ten years ago bearing in mind I have never seen this dog before, no photos or nothing I told Sam he was chewing his lips Sam said that was his trick when he likes someone.

At this house I have seen the next door neighbors husband who died in 1971 and told me to tell Helen that everything is ok and that he will guard her until there together in the next life.

Also at this house something is teasing me and scaring me the smoke alarm went off for two seconds as soon as I'm alone the two dog starts shaking and barking at corner of the room, the room which I'm in. At night I heard heavy boots coming up the stairs then my door swings open at the same time I put the covers over me head the next morning I felt normal cause Sam said what were you doing last night and I told him what happened.

I'm very in tune with animals even the nasty animals like me and are calm around me. I have dreams at night about people I know sometimes I remember them sometimes I forget the dreams but when they happen my body shakes and it's always déjà vu every dream I have happens

My question is what am I or who am I and help me read something to protect me from that ghost who's teasing me.

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ZiShu (129 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-26)
It seems Ruth was able to astral project, and you were able to spend time with her spirit before she woke up.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-26)
Its not unusual for family whom have died to cross
Over to see births, marriages, and other events
Of loved ones.
My husband said the room was full the day his
Niece delivered her baby boy. Her family whom had
Died crossed over to see the event.

I like the story about Ruth and your story is very
Similar to a man whom was on NDE bio. His story
Was he had a heart attack, and saw a tree there
Were many family members whom died. I believe they mentioned they were not there for him. He saw his living Grandfather on his maternal side.
His GranFather said, "You are a lucky man".
This man was resusicated and was in Icu, his mother
Received news that same day her Father died.
This was this mans Grandfather.
Even the skeptic Doctor could not give a made
Up response of how this man knew his grandfather
It has been said that people in coma have one foot
With the living and one with the dead.

It is believed our life force is capable of sustaining
The body, yet move else were.
Now some of this life force is spoken about in
Soul loss. This means the person is alive, but a part
Of their soul escapes. Some explain it can also
Eject out of the body to preserve its life when
Facing a fearful situation. Which sounds like your
Friend Ruth's scenario in a comma.
You were in the part of your double etheric moving
Around and interacting out of the physical plane,
Inbetween Astral plane. Your de-je-Vu is connected
With dreaming. Our dreams connect to another plane
And there is really no time as we know it.
So its actually normal to know things.

See the ghost in the pub whom said you can't make
Him leave. You have an ability to see spirit.

If I were you I would look into all the writting about
AnneV regarding Astral projection this should also
Affect your seight of seeing spirits, as your vibrations should lift up.
The deal with discarnate (dead people) with out a body
Is they have free will.

Possibly other can add more insight.

Good journey

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