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Dreaming Of A Ghost


I recently start working as a Front of House Manager for a black box theater in New York City. It's a common occurrence for just about any theater to have a resident ghost. Most of the time the ghost is benevolent, occasionally you will run into tricksters, and the occasional malicious spirit. It's just something that comes with the territory of working in old buildings where dangerous things have, and continue to occur on a regular basis.

This particular theater that I am working in, I have worked in off and on for several years in a variety of capacities, and this is the first time that I have been in and around the theater for longer than a month at a time. I have had "feelings" and "glimpses" in the past while working in the space of the resident ghost, but no one seemed to know much about the spirit in the space. It wasn't until I started being there regularly that I came to the conclusion that the spirit that resides in the theater is a woman, and was young at her passing.

I did not come to this conclusion lightly. I have recently been introduced, and more aware of my magical awareness and how attuned I am to people, and places. I have always been aware of that 6th sense that we all seem to have when the hair goes up on the back of our necks, but it wasn't until recently this year that I started paying more attention to how aware I could be.

This past week, during the night of the full moon I dreamed of having a conversation with a witch friend of mine who practices Tarot, and other arts, about the resident ghost. While discussing the face that I was certain that the theater was haunted by a female spirit, she assured me that she believed my story, but that it had little credence to get her to attest to it. After she told me I would need a more respected witness, the spirit appeared behind her. She was not as I had envisioned. I asked my friend if she was aware and saw the ghost. But as I asked, the ghost vanished, and my friend denied seeing her, but reiterate her belief in me. I woke up.

When I opened my eyes the dream was extremely fresh and very much still in the world of the dream, but for some unknown reason to me, the experience was as real as if I had been standing in the theater. The experience shook me more than normal surprising dreams, especially because the shock factor of the reveal was not the thing that woke me up.

I'm curious as to the meaning of the dream. The spirit in residence at this theater has never done ill, to my knowledge, nor have I been overly aware, or bothered by her presence. But I wonder if this is a way that she found to reach out. The aspect of the occurrence happening on the full moon closest to Samihan is not lost on me, which is why my mind is yearning for answers, ideas, thoughts, and possible resolution.

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