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Felt A Ghost?


Today, I was a bit emotional. I'm 21 years old and I had a hard day, was crying because of an incident. I was crying in my bed and was doing some praying and was feeling hopeless. I felt really sweety and this always happens when I pray and feel read down. This time I was praying upset, while I was crying I felt a cold kiss on my cheek on my right side. It felt really really real. Something I can't explain. Has this ever happened to anyone? The lips felt cold but loving. I was crying but I got up and was laughing in awe. Really surprised but not scared. I have felt hugs before, but in a wierd way. I believe it was a spirit perhaps,. It was such a warm feeling but the kiss was yet cold and the lips felt quite round lol I've had other experience where I prayed as well and was crying and felt a warm hand on me, and that's when I start to feel super super sweaty but yet really warm and fuzzy. I also can smell death before it happens? Is that wierd? I'm hoping I'm not the only one. My bfs friend died 21 years old he slept over our house and I smelled a weird smell very strong like death and the next day his friend sadly passed away. He visited my dreams a few days later and was in the clouds and I was sleeping but could feel a beautiful breeze of warmness. I think it's a beautiful feeling. And I smiled really hard. And when I woke up I was smiling like I was in my dream. I'm hoping I'm not the only one as well that has felt anything like this. I do believe in these things it's quite amazing actually.

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