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Instincts And Gut Feelings


I would like to share my real life incidents where everytime I get a gut feeling of something bad is going to happen to a person. It does happen.

1. My first instinct was of my Brother in law. I faced several disturbances before his fatal accident, I couldn't understand why those disturbances have been coming to me. A week before his death I had sleepless nights and had chance to talk to him, I did talk but thoughts really was disturbing me of his well being. I wanted to go to a temple nearby but it was closed unusually. The god's name is my BIL's name. I wanted to chillout myself of these thoughts and went to a movie, we got the ticket but had to wait for next show for 3 hours, while just playing around and kicking stones nearby, a small pebble hit me hard in my leg thumb and without any pain it started bleeding like as if liters of blood coming out, I got really distracted again, and my instincts got really strong although I didn't want to accept it. My instincts was pointing to my wife and I asked her to be careful while going out or just better stay inside your house. I had a chance to talk to him over the phone, I thought of meeting him next day morning, so I was travelling. But he had different plans and never couldn't stop him since he had his getogether with his friends. Although my heart said stop him. I couldn't say that to him. His death news came to me while I was travelling in the bus around 3:00 a.m in the morning to meet him. It was devastating experience. Thinking about it got me into sleepless nights for a month and had to take help of doctors to recover.

2. Second incident was my Friend. He's my very close friend. We both are close buddies and a well wisher, more of a family friend. We both had a silly fight and didn't talk to each other for almost a year. But then for couple of months his thoughts came popping into my mind and was disturbing me. This is just a normal thought as every human could relate to have lost touch with their close friends. I first thought so, but my instincts were pushing me hard to go and meet him. While I was driving back home I pass through his lane and I saw a mild car accident just near his lane and something told me to go and meet him, I couldn't resist and turned my bike towards his house. Unfortunately he was not in home. His father who had severe burn injuries in his leg was seated in his house and couldn't identify me. He thought am a stranger at first and sweared at me. I said am his frend and you know me well. Then he realised and said sorry. I went home and was in deep thoughts. My wife was 6 months pregnant and I was thinking about baby names. Suddenly my mind said to think of names of dead ancestor's. My grandfather's name, granny's name popped up and I said to myself no some other name. In a moment my mind got my frend's name and I leaped out from my bed and sweating all over. I just wanted to forget this moment and move on. Next week I went to a getogether party and was driving back home at midnight, a car passed me from behind in full throttle which is same brand and color as my frend's. His thoughts came back to me and disturbed me whole night, that I slept only early morning 3:00 a.m. I somehow slept just around 2 hours morning 5:30 I got a call in my mobile. I woke up and saw the mobile and with all fear in my mind I attended the call and she said " My frend met with an accident last night and he's no more". I broke down big time and couldn't digest the fact and forgive myself yet again. I drove to his house without belief and burst into tears and anger.

3. Third incident happened last month. I wanted to meet my old class mate (daughter of my college chairman as well), I don't know why but thoughts kept revolving around her that something about her is not right... Something was itching my mind since a week that someone is in trouble. There is a couple next door who used to fight and shout the hell out everyday. I felt they are in trouble, then my instincts was telling me something is wrong. Maybe someone from my close frend's is in trouble. As everytime the hint is that way. I started to get rid of these thoughts and I go to temple. When I went to temple my instincts kept saying someone is in depression and about to suicide. I didn't want to reveal this to my wife as she was already undergoing a depression herself. She believes in my instincts and knows many things about me. I wanted to pray for whomsoever it may be and bought two deepam (small lamp we lit in temple like a candle). One of them I was about to light was for them fell down and broke. The lamp is made of mud filled with ghee and lit with a thread inside). My instincts grew very wild and I came out of the temple and said, "Shall we go and meet our college chairman", his house is closeby here. She replied" its been 17 years and I don't remember their house or will they remember us?". I thought she was right in a way and we'll go later. 2 days later I got a call from my old frend saying "Chairman's daughter is dead and she did suicide and was suffering from depression.

This has become a blessing in disguise to me and I started getting used these kindof situations in life. I have always wanted to stop someone/ something from happening. But, I understood something is stated is happen, destined in that way cannot be stopped. In future I shall try. But never know my luck would favour!

God bless!

~Vasanth Rajagopal

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