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I Have Felt The Death Of Others?


Maybe the titles not the best way to put it... But I couldn't think of another way. I feel the death of others. I have had dreams of deaths the day before they happen. I've had 4 major dreams of bodies being discovered after they were murdered the day before they are found. I'm not looking for anyone for "help" but maybe some clarification? I don't know what to classify these experiences as (as they are not the only weird/paranormal experiences I've had) but the death dreams where bodies are discovered and correlate to the actual evidence when they are found the next day... It doesn't make sense to me. These are the four profound ones I've had:

1. I was 11 years old when this first dream happened. A girl from a city which is not close to mine (it is about a 2.5 hour drive) was kidnapped. She was 8. She was missing (and presumed dead) for over 10 weeks. It was all over the news, people looking and searching for this little girl. I was very aware of the search that was going on and I was aware of what this little girls name was and what she looked like. One night I had a dream, and in my dreams I was walking through a field. From a distance I saw a large tree with a pile of rocks underneath it. Suddenly I was at the rock pile, and there the little girl was standing on top of it. She smiled at me and my dream ended. The next day, I told my mom about it, to which she informed me that little girl had been found - buried under a gravel pile in a field near a large tree. I can feel her as I type this

2. When I was 14 or 15, a man went missing from a town that was again about 2 hours from where I live. He was also missing for an extended period of time. One night I had a dream that me and my best friend were walking through the ravine near our houses. In my dream I looked into the forest on the left and saw an opening. In the opening a man was sitting on what looked like if you took out the back seats of a car and put it on the ground, and his body was burned to extreme degrees, his skin was charred and bloody. I told the friend who was in the dream about it. She asked me if I was joking and I told her no, then asked her why. She then informed me that he had been found, his car had been tampered with and his body burned.

3. This one was not as vivid, I was 16/17. I remember having a dream about a news reporter saying there had been a body found in a creek. I saw the body in the creek behind the reporter in my dream. When I woke up and went to the tv, the first thing that was on was the news. The first story: a body was found in a creek, the creek in the newscast looked the same as in my dream (except no body).

4. The final one happened only 1 month ago, and I am 18 now. I was driving home from a trip with some friends. It was a long drive (almost 6 hours). The entire trip, which was taken mostly by highway, at every drainage pipe and ditch/ravine I could see, I was looking for a body. I didn't know why, it had just been an instinct to me. I was looking to find a body. When I began to think of why, I had a flash back of what I think was a dream, of a body lying in a ditch/ravine. When I returned home finally and got around to watching the news, I found out a body had been discovered murdered in a ravine.

Does anyone have any insight into this? Why this happens? Why it only happens with people who are murdered?

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Kpsorg (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-27)
It wasn't a feeling, it was a smell.

15 years ago I was camping with me aunt. She grabbed her chest. I asked if she was ok, she replied yes just heartburn. Instantly I was overwhelmed with a smell. It was nothing I ever felt before. 2 months later she was gone. Heart attack.

It was five years after that at work. A fellow worked was about 10 foot from me. That overwhelming smell was back. I asked when he seen his Dr. Last. He didn't know, but two weeks later a blood clot moved to his lung.

I then went to my Dr. So I could get something to remove the twisted stomach feeling, and knowing when bad things where on thier way.

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