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Shadow People/other Apparitions?


This is a really short story, and I am just looking for clarification or if anyone has experienced something similar.

So recently I've been seeing shadow people. A lot of them. Multiple shadows, multiple times a day. I thought I was going crazy, that maybe I was developing some sort of schizophrenia. But I'm not, I have no symptoms of schizophrenia aside from seeing things. I was just seeing them in my peripheral vision, when I turned my head quickly, things like that. I could feel their presence before and after I see them. This was fine, I then thought maybe it's my eyes playing tricks, or to be honest, they're just shadow people. Somewhat unnerving, but I can live with it. Until the other night.

The other night I was driving home with some friends. I had seen shadow people already that day. We were driving home on a dark road, single lane each direction, ditches on the side. When on the side of the road I saw it, what looked like a black sheet floating about 3 feet above the ground. You know what a sheet looks like flapping in the wind/a breeze? It was exactly that, except it was horizontal. As if it was on a table with wind supporting it and blowing it around from underneath. And it was moving forward in the direction I was going. The black was such a dark black, and as I looked at it, the colour shifted from black to dark red. And not a sudden shift, a gradual shift where I could see the colour change. This all happened within 4 seconds, it was 4 seconds that I saw this sheet for. And although That is not very long, it's a great deal longer than seeing a shadow out of the corner of your eye for a split second. Has anyone else seen something like this? Has a thought of what this could mean?

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1020coco (24 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-09)
Hi -

As a teenager I saw shadows that I knew were spirits or people or something. It scared me as well. Once I got older and less afraid, I was able to understand what was happening more. It turned out that I was a medium and was picking up on the energy of spirits. I don't believe they were demons. Honestly I don't think mediums/psychics really come across demons. If people think about them, obviously they'll be drawn to them. This is life. If you think about ice cream all the time, chances are you're going to eat ice cream, maybe work in an ice cream store etc. So, basically, remember to meditate, surround yourself in the white light of love and affirm that you are here to bring peace to this planet.
This is what I do when I see a shadow, I ask for love to surround us and I ask the energy who they are and they'll tell me. I don't worry about if it's a demon. That's not in my mind and it's not in my reality. I have had that as my reality and was fearful of the shadows and then I realized that it didn't have to be that way and a whole new wonderful world opened up to me. So please forget all that stuff about demons and lesser demons. Keep your heart full of love and you'll be at peace.
Klarlak (2 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-08)
Me. I can't believe I found you. I really thought it was only me. I have the same experience since september last year. Have you ever seen ghosts before? As for me who see ghosts more often than common people ever would I can tell the difference between the two. First let's call this shadowy figure Shad. Shad is certainly different than ghosts. Ghosts have really subtle and windy sense of existence. When Shad, in fact has much bolder existence like human, almost. But it's a bit lighter than ordinary human. Like almost kind of altered. Blurred. I'm not sure how to describe the feelings. But it's only from my experiences. I don't know whether you experience the same thing. I just want to let you know that you're not alone. Because me too, have creepy things happens around me when Shad is around. And it makes me scared because I always feel it's targeting and watching me. I've been wondering the same thing too about schizophrenia, but I don't know. Shads just feel too real to be explained by a simple mental condition.
But to be honest, I can't deny that I begin to question my sanity after so many events unfolded before my eyes.
I don't know. I just am so confused with everything.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-05)
Sorry about the windy post.
As to your sheet like entity that is a warning. It was a challenge and enticement. Don't fall for it. Do not go back and investigate that area. The entity wants you to play with it. It wants to invoke curiosity, to draw you in closer. Did anyone else see it? I doubt it. It will lead you somewhere you don't want to go. Trust me on this seek faith and protection now and delve deeper into your gifts later. You just might be a soldier against evil in the future. Only you can find your purpose and no one can do it for you.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-05)
First of all hello. I know you are young so I will try and come at this from your side of this.
I know exactly what is going on and how it is progressing. I have experienced everything that you are writing about and seeing. I can remember back to when I was 4 years old. Like all kids I was afraid of the dark. I remember 1 night feeling somebody watching me and when I looked I could see no one or nothing in my bedroom. I was fully awake and sat up in my bed and looked toward my open bedroom door. In my door way I saw a shadow of a large man knelt down on 1 knee watching me in my bed. I was scared to death and covered my head I was so frightened. I learned that he or it was there every night and did not hurt or harm. It was like he or it was standing guard over me. Some nights it was standing and some it was crouching or kneeling. I got used to it after not too long. I never talked to it that I can remember but I remember in my mind thinking don't be afraid it is ok. I believe that we have guardian angels protecting us from the time we are born. When we pass through puberty we can and start to choose our own path. When I turned about 10 or 12 I stopped seeing my protector watching over me. I had weird psychic things happening to me but did not bother with them until they turned dark and malevolent soon after my protector was gone. Most teen and tween-agers are the most easily attacked and influenced by evil or dark forces. This age group is very confused and venerable to outside influences and easy to manipulate. I was lucky and had an old soul or was more mature for my age. I started to see things other people did not see and notice things out of place. My psychic gifts came crashing in kind of all at once at about age 12. I could see horrible ugly things in my sleep and awake. I had just gone through confirmation and finished at about the same time. It was like these things targeted me for some reason and wanted me to fear them. I think they were trying to be proactive and drag me down a dark path before I could grow stronger. At that time in my life I made an oath and promise to do what I could to fight evil. I am now almost or basically 50 years old and have learned a lot through time. So here are the pearls of knowledge to pay attention to.
1. There is a God or prime creator and (HE) or she or it or they as in Trinity is your only true source of protection from Evil.
2. Love is the most powerful force in our realm and his.
3. Evil does exist and it also is powerful but not as powerful as good.
4. Yes the Devil does exist and has full freedom of control of it and can use it however he pleases.
5. Angels exist and never have been human. They are an entity unto themselves.
6. Ok now pay close attention. Hell does exist and has a pyramidal Hierarchy. The Devil was an Angel and twisted into something else. He wants to be God. Below him are many Demons (fallen angels) and they are his dark army.
7. Each Demon has lesser Demons that it has control over. That Demon and the lessor Demons under it's control have minions and servants that they all control. Guess who those servants are?
8. The Devil's, Demon's, and minions servants are Satanist, possessed people, and influenced people that have been deceived. Even if their intentions were originally good they have been tricked.
9. Shadow people are not people, but are minions shifted and shaped to resemble forms we are familiar with. They are manifested to help entice, deceive, and frighten us. Demon's feed on fear and minions enjoy playing tricks on us.
10. Very few Ghosts are actually spirits or Souls moving to another realm or the beyond. Do not ever trust what they tell you fully. Always question and question more. Through time the truth will come out.
11. Never ever play with Ouija boards, or any form of the dark arts. They will lead you straight into possession and servitude to something evil and destructive. It's not a game.
12. This is not popular with many people but, I don't care it is my belief and the truth. GOD is our protector and salvation. We need to form a personal relationship with him. You can be a Christian and a psychic. I believe our gifts come from him.
Now this knowledge I have come by over many years. I have battled Evil for many years. Only GOD can protect us from Evil and Demons. Even the mention of his name from a true believer brings them pain and fear. Satanist think they can control Demons and it is all a lie or deception.
Trust me on this knowledge it was hard won. If you are seeing more and more shadow people it means either your abilities are growing more and you need help learning to control or shut them down or you have other issues. If it were me, I would stop what you are doing right now with any paranormal slant or interest and seek GOD. I am not a preacher or holy roller or fanatic and I am by no means perfect. I just want to help you gain balance. I do not believe that you are crazy, but be careful with what you imagine. Sometimes we bring our own reality into existence. Just be careful in the future and come to this site if it helps you. Find someone in your area to help you if need be. If things are turning dark, stop what you are doing and reverse course.
Above all relax you got plenty of time don't push it.
You might have the same gifts as I and other psychics have. I have the ability to see demons and evil entities in their true form even during the middle of the day. I have seen them in and around crowds all over the place. I do not fear them and they know it. They also know that I can see them. I can hold them in my gaze as long as I don't blink. If I blink they can and will disappear. I was able to take a psychic and a skeptic to a closed college campus that is haunted or should I say infested with demons and minions. They both witnessed a shadow form move across about 10 feet in front of them at running speed. The skeptic was so frightened she could not move. She demanded we leave right away. The psychic had never seen one before that evening and was intrigued. Both the skeptic and the psychic had recording devices and cameras. 5 minutes before that happened all batteries went dead. How convenient for the shadow entity.

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