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Dreaming About Their Dying Date


I dreamt about my boyfriend's great grandmother (Ima) is going to die anytime soon. In my dream it's Sunday morning at their house she's wearing something red. A guy visited her. They talk and laugh after that I can no longer hear them. I heard a mans voice telling me that a couple of days after she'll die. That's it I woke up. Since my boyfriend is sleeping beside me, I woke him up. I told him that I dreamt about his great grandmother dying and I warned that if you forget it, it will happen. He looks at me like i'm sort kind of a freak. He did not believe me. 3 months after, my dream came true. One morning I woke up. Lolo (that's what I call his grand dad the spouse of his lola) told me that Ima (his great grandmother) died Tuesday morning, December 2016. 2 days after their last visit with uncle edie. It was devastating. I cried for hours. I blamed myself for Ima's death. I shouldn't have forgotten that dream.

When I was a kid I dreamt about my father being hospitalized and being stitched up and you know what? It came true. A taxi driver robbed him and stab him multiple times but thank god he survived.

And last night I dreamed about my father again. He began losing control of his own body at the age of 40 at first he can not longer feel his hand cause it's starting to get numb and then he became bedridden and died at the age of 43. So I was hoping that this time it's just a bad dream. It won't come true. I can't bear seeing them burying him on the ground. I love my father so much that I could leave the father of my daughter for him.

I want to know if there's someone out there who had experienced this kind of dream.

Please I need help I don't know how to prevent those dreams from coming true. Seeing my love one's dying date hurts me a lot. I feel very responsible to their deaths.

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Naive_07 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-07)
Thank you for the advice AriesMohindi I really do appreciated it...

I just want to ask you if by any chance you have a clue who is that man talking to me in my dreams? The man who dictates the date or the age.
AriesMohindi (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-06)
Hi there Naive_07,

Seems that you have a visionary stance in life... Unfortunately not much you can do on the outcome as all God's creations have a blue print for life and only they can alter that plan.

With that said... Try meditating and asking your Guides and Angels for help in understanding your gift, then be on the watch for them, because once asked forever will you be answered.

Create a White Light prayer for yourself and if you are not willing look online for a White Light prayer and say it whole heartedly each day and night and know that you will be protected from any and all negativity.

Again, remember you cannot prevent another souls outcome, you can help prepare for the outcome, if that means you or another need the preparation for what is to come.

Also know this. No Soul that passes from this life will ever cease to be, they, u and I are all Energy, Energy does not die, when your Father passes only the physical will diminish, then know he will always at a moments notice be right there next to you... Be Blessed.
Naive_07 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-06)
I told them what I saw in my dreams. I also warned them but they did not believe me. They say that i'm crazy.
carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-04)
Yes I get those same type of dreams. It is a gift. You have to warn people. It is in the bible. You are a prophet or watchman. God gave you this gift of prophecy. You have a gift. You can email me at unofficialpsychicdetective [at]

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