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Animal Shadows


This is my first time publishing my life's paranormal occurrences so I am very nervous. But ever since I was young I have experienced shadows in my room and outside in the world around me but only when I am nervous or in inner conflict or feel unsafe or unsure of my surroundings. Most memorably shadows of a wolf or large black dog or rarely a cat. Another fact is this has only happened in different periods of my life were my life changed drastically after and always isolated. I have never been given clear direction as to why this has happened. Is it a spirit guide or a bad oman IDK. But none of these experiences have ever been directly threatening or dangerous. I feel as though what ever has followed me my whole life has protected me from lots of possible dangers. I have came out of extremely risky situations un-harmed or barely effected. Can anyone here give me direction as to why or what these occurrences are? Can spirits convey themselves as animals to communicate with me or is there something I need to know or investigate. Also on another note, I have had a dream when I was young were when my dad sent my sister to foster care I saw her subcountous manifest next to me telling me she loved and missed me. Could this have been a psychic experience or the love of a brother who desperately missed his sister. I also use to hear voices in my and my sister's room when we were very young. I can not recall all the conversations but it was very real. Also I have noticed I am always able to turn negative feelings of animosity and anger and fear and make them into positive energy for both myself and for others please help me make sense of this.

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