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Thought That Came True


For some time now my city has been under some type of spell (just my belief). A lot of people mainly young adults, young males have been loosing their lives. So you know what comes with thinking of another's death... Imagining loosing one of your family members. I remember myself saying, "man I don't know what I'd do without my mom." I don't know why those specific thoughts came to me, all I could think of was my birth mom. But it stuck with me for a few days. & this was early Dec. 2k16. I So about a week ago I was notified that my adopted mom wasn't doing so good (Cancer came back) & had just gotten out the hospital. Now when I was able to leave her care, I didn't look back. So I really didn't keep contact as a mother/daughter would have because we never had that type of bond. But I respected her to the fullest, despite her ways. Throughout these last 8 years I've seen glimpses of her going through the change from the cancer but she had gotten through it and beat it. So when I heard about it again I was hesitant to come down because I always broke down seeing her like that. Ironically I got called off last Monday from work due to my son being sick. So I did have the time; a family friend encouraged me to come say my goodbyes so I can have peace. It made sense and so I did. It was a rough situation for me no matter what her and MY wrongs were. I felt as if she was waiting for me to come say my goodbyes. I told her I would try to come back. Being that my son was sick and I work all week. I got a phone call 3 days before Christmas that she was gone. I have always felt as if I knew more that the average person, but never anything like this. She hasn't come to me in my dreams but as I said this was a thought to begin with. Would someone voice their opinion plz?

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Selina92 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-01-10)
Thank you so much for your input, & yes I will definitely will be picking up some books. Any specifics from the author?
AriesMohindi (5 posts)
6 years ago (2017-01-06)
Hi there Selina92,

Empathy goes out to you, because surely it is not needed for your adoptive mother. Her physical body has ended but her spirit is in rare form... Know this!

Without a doubt your adoptive mom chose a life that deals with a lot of learning on her part as well as those who journeyed this life with her. Cancer is never easy but in so many ways she helped to further define the disease here on Earth and that is partly why she chose that life. You also made the decision to be a part of this life with her and her choices so that you could learn as well.

The emotions you are going through is what you asked for to experience in this life. We all have psychic moments and yours is showing itself in certain situations and you could evolve them more if you took time to ask from your Guides and Angels.

There is a process when the soul leaves the body, it could take a bit of time before she would be able to make contact, but you can always ask for help to speed things up, envision the white light all around you and ask that your Guides help you to make contact if that is what you would like.

I would suggest picking up a book any book by Sylvia Browne and start to explore the other side. Let your gut tell you what is right! God Speed.

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