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Dreams And Tarot Readings Coming True?


Let me just start by saying that all my life I've had these odd dreams, dreams about things happening before they do as well as a near constant feeling of déjà vu.

I don't really have these dreams all that often any more but when I was younger I used to have them quite frequently, Like maybe three or four times a week frequent.

A lot of these dreams were really minor but extremely vivid, Like a few years ago I dreamed I was in a car with my family and I looked down and there was an orange bottle of cola beside me and I picked it up, It felt so real that I forgot that I was dreaming until I woke up, then about a week later I was in a car with my family driving home from shopping, and I had an orange bottle of cola beside me and I picked it up to put it into a bag of rubbish, It wasn't until the next day that I remembered everything that had happened, including the dream.

I have had a lot of these dreams but they seem to have dissipated into something that happens maybe once or twice every few months in the past few years since I moved from one city to another, perhaps its connected to that?

Another thing that seems to happen often is that when I do a tarot reading it always comes true, Like occasionally my friends will talk me into doing a reading for them, just something to outline the day they may have, and I have only been wrong twice in the eighteen or so times I have read their cards, My mother seems to have this gift too and may have passed it down to me, She's never wrong when she does it as well!

My question is, Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing?

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