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I'm Just The Messenger


They were not just neighbors, they were my friends for 15 years.

When my husband and I moved in to our house back in 1989, it was all strange for us.

We didn't know any one plus I had my first Child of 10 months. No young mums to talk to and everyone just kept them self's to them self's.

A few weeks went by when I had a letter from the council saying I had a garage on the back of the house and that my rates were £120 extra. I never had a garage! So I went next door to ask if there was a garage at one time on the back of my house, but I got no answer from either side, so I went a little further up. Thank god someone opened their door to me, then are introductions were made from both of us, with the explanation why I had come round.

"Come on in" with an invitation to sit down and a cup of tea. I was made to feel very welcome. Two young children came through, a girl of 8yr and a boy of 12yr. "My name is Dawn I'm 8 and this Martin He's my brother" She was very talkative as for Martin well he just stood looking at me like I had 2 heads.

As it turned out my house had a garage on it but it was knocked down over 3 years ago. I soon sorted it out. After that we were good friends all though they were much older than us.

Janet had epilepsy very bad so the children had to keep a close eye on her every day until Tony came home from work. Now she got to know me she had someone to talk to while the kids were in school. Within 5 years I had 2 more children, a boy then another girl. Dawn loved to come round every day after school to help me with the kids. Tony knew his kids were safe at my house and never did question why the kids were with me. I somehow new Tony was not well but he was a proud man and would not divulge any of his worry's until One day he lost his voice. A week had gone and he still had difficulty in talking so I said "Tony you really must go and see your GP" He looked at me with that look of, don't tell me what to do." Ye I will if it's not gone by next week". I could see he was losing weight but when I had seen him struggling to drink his pint of bitter alarm bells started to ring. I'm now looking and thinking he do's not have long with us but he is trying to put that brave face on. Tony went downhill quickly. He had the Big C. He never liked anyone coming round to see him but he would let me in to see him. When he got sent in to hospital I thought to myself, I will give him a week!

He got taken in on a Sunday and on the Friday Martin came round to ask would I take him and Dawn to see Tony tomorrow afternoon? "yes no problem" I said "I will pick you both up at 2pm".Saturday came and the voice was telling me to prepare them and make sure I take them both!

2 O'clock came and Martin was out at a friend's house. Dawn said "shall we go"? "No I've got to wait for him" I said. Martin came home, I told him to change quickly as we don't have much time left.

We all got in the car then I found myself talking about what they will be doing when Tony dies, that the brain is the last to go so he can still hear you when you say your goodbyes. Strange, why am I saying all this? We got to the hospital and Tony was sitting up in bed after eating all his jelly and ice cream, Good I thought, so why was I talking about death in the car?

Everyone was having a good chat when I could see Tony getting himself comfy and starting to turn away from Janet, Martin and Dawn. I walked around to the other side of the bed where he had turned himself.

Tony I know you have had enough now, I bought them all down for you and I think we just about made it as well, You know I well keep an eye on them all, Mat and I are there for them all. Just close your eyes lovely let the light take you. He closed his eyes then as he was taking his last breath, he thanked me. I told the family to say their goodbyes and explained to Jan what I told Dawn and Martin in the car. I went out the room to fetch the nurse. They never believed me until they went in. Down and Martin came over to me after it was all over and cried in my arms just thanking me. "I had to wait for you Martin"," I am just a messenger I was asked to make sure you were all here"."I tried to tell you all that this was to be and I was trying to prepare you all for it"." He's at peace now and your dad has thanked me as well". I said with the lump in my throat, but I had to hold it together for them. I left them at the hospital then made my way to home, It was then that I broke down. But part of me thought, it went to plan. It was done to the plan.

My true story I will remember forever. R.I.P Tony and Janet, who died 10 years later through her Epilepsy.

Thank you for reading

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