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You Are My Bright Spark


I love all my sisters, but my eldest I sometimes have to look away from when she is in front of me!

I tell her all my story's, dreams and experiences and she listens with great interest. Some times when she stands in front of me I find myself squinting as she has a bright light with sparkly lights flashes around her. What is this that I see around her?

I feel she has a good strong healthy aura. She is in good health when I see her with the light but when it's not with her she is in poor health.

My other sister has the same ability as me but I never see it on her!

Now as strange as this may sound, I feel more comfortable wearing my sunglasses when talking to people as I feel that the light is reflecting off their auras, that is how bright I see it a times.

I've been to see my GP about my eyes thinking I have a light sensitiveness. He has given me drops after drops, nothing that he has given me has worked so he then refer'd me to the hospital. The results came back with, all is clear with my eyes. Thank god I have good eyes and nothing is wrong with me.

I can't tell my sister she blinds me at times, so I tell her I have a head ache and so I put my glasses on.

The sister that has the same ability as me, I see colors from her but just around her head and shoulders, this again is not all the time.

I'm not sure what I'm seeing on my eldest sister!

I have asked my sister that has the same ability as me if she can she see the bright light around are eldest sister? She said "NO".

I now know it's only me that sees it.

I've now got a new name for my eldest sister that only I know and use.

She's my bright spark sister who I love very much.

I find myself looking at peoples feet and working my way up to make sure I can look at them without sunglasses.

I'm not saying for one minute that this happens all the time, but I now know I can see this light so I tend to keep my sunglasses with me all the time as it can give me a head ache.

On my forth eldest sister, if I try to give her a shoulder and neck rub when she is stressed, I send her diabetes on a high count, so I have had to stop giving her a massage.

I have even detected a heart problem on a friend but I never told her to get it sorted as I was just giving a massage, I did tell her that I was picking up a lot of heat from her hart chakra but never for one minute thought it would be as bad as it was. About 18 months went by when she took herself to the hospital with chest pains and they found a growth on her hart.

Again I have come to terms that I can pick up on problems as well as the light I see on some people.

I must pay more attention to what I see and feel and trust in them.

Sorry I cut the story short but I could go on with a lot of things that is happening. I do accept it all and love what is happening.

I will put more story's forward very soon.

Thank you for reading.

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