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The Green Box She Left Behind


This is fresh in my memory as it only happened on my Birthday 5th August 2012.

But let's go back to July when all this started.

I picked up my new car from the showroom, really looking forward to driving my new car to the spa weekend with my very good friends.

I took my cards with me (Angel cards) as the girls like me doing a reading for them.

The hotel is a 350yr old hall in Shrewsbury. We were all looking forward to are well deserved pamper weekend.

The hall was beautiful and very impressive, the room we were in were just as impressive as well. We got settled in to the hotel just nicely and towards the end of the first nigh I done the card reading.

The readings went well for them and they wrote their readings down on the note pad.

Pauline had a card that came out twice in her readings (Found it) She was telling me that she has not lost anything and that she will wait and see what will turn up. I did tell her that she will lose something and that it will be found.

We all went to bed that night and I put my little dream book at the side of me, I write my dreams down so I can reflect on them as and when they make them self apparent.

That night I got woke a few times with a voice saying " I can't get home."

I never put it down as I thought it's not important, so I left it as I knew I would remember it.

We woke up at 7.30am and the girls asked me did I get a message? I told them about the repeating voice and they both said it could be my son being stuck in Woking nr Surry through the trains being late, or lost his tickets. My son was coming home on Thursday from the Army.

We all had a laugh about it then went for the full English breakfast, yum yum.

We spent a lovely weekend on the spa break. The food was out of this world and the weather was just so nice, it was just perfect for us it was just what we needed.

On the last night of the break We all went to bed early. The treatment we had relaxed us that much we were all asleep by 11pm.

We got up in the morning, packed are suitcases then went for breakfast.

After breakfast we went back to the room to collect all are belongings.

The girls took my bag off me while I went to check out and hand the keys back. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky, it was lovely. We all made are way to the car to put the cases in, I pulled my keys out of my pocket only to find the car keys were not on the bunch.

I checked my pockets again and asked the girls if they had seen the keys as they are not on my ring. We went to the office to see if any keys had been handed in but nothing had been found. They gave me they room key so we could check the room again, no keys to be found. I've lost my new car keys. I had to call my husband to tell him I can't get home as I have lost my keys. I started to ask him to pull the spare keys out from the care package of the car I could hear Sandra shouting "I've found them". Thank god for that we could now get home.

Pauline sat on an old tree stump having a smoke as she needed to calm herself down. After her smoke she picked up her bag and got in to the back of the car.

Half way home we pulled up to have a drink and so Pauline can have another smoke, only to find that she had left the hand rolled fags on the tree stump. We all checked the car and her bag but she said "I know where I left them" so we just had a nice scone and cup of tea in the sun and watched the ducks and geese.

Sandra grabbed my arm and said "your voice... It was right, I can't get home." It's not your son, it's you. You said to Mat "I can't get home". OMG she was right.

I took them both home and said our good buys. We had a fantastic holiday.

My husband and I went to my sisters caravan the following week end. The car was full and we took the eldest grandchild with us as well.

We had a lovely time and weather again shone on us. When we got back I took my Eldest daughter and her two children out for the day, The baby car seat was in the back of the car, so you see I know the back of the car was clear. Now this is where it gets spooky.

On the 5th August I went to Ruthin to my birthday party and I picked up my sister and her husband, again the back seat was clear. I had a lovely birthday thanks to my family. At the end of the night I dropped off my sister and her husband and as she got out the car I checked the back seat to make sure she had not left anything, On the seat that Pauline was sitting in and the seat my grandchild sat in, the baby car seat and my sister has just left the same seat. There in front of me was Pauline's green box of fags.

Now tell me please... Can Angels play tricks on you.

I phoned Pauline and told her what I found and she said" No maz I know I left them on the tree stump". That was her card Lost and (FOUND IT).

I know there was nothing on the back seat, too much has gone through the back of my car. The box is a big green box that fits 40 fags in it. So you see, it could not of been missed.

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mwilcock (11 stories) (39 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-12)
Yes, I have ask'd her to cut back as the box was given back and not lost for ever. I'm sure when she cuts back she will soon pack in for good. She has smoked far too long to stop like that, i'm sure she will get there slowly.
Pauline told me she can cut back as she's ready for doing it, so that's a good start.
Thank's for your reply Avon. X mwilcock X 😁
Avon1 (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-11)
Yes, if the car keys were not mislaid, your friend would not have had the chance to leave her fags behind. Please pursuade your friend to quit immediately. Nice speaking with someone from UK! Avon xx
mwilcock (11 stories) (39 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-09)
Funny you should say that Avon1, her cards were telling her about her health as well.
It was as if she was getting a good telling off. Even when I was giving her messages from the other side, they told me to tell her she never listens and that she was a pain in the neck. When the reading was over she said she had a pain in the neck. I told her she is given that because you don't listen to reason.
It only lasted a few minute then went when she said ok I will try and stop. So you could be right. So you think Angels do play tricks on us then 😆 thank you for reading. I hope you get chance to read some of my other story's Avon1 x mwilcock x
Avon1 (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-09)
This could be a message for your friend to quit smoking. On my birthday this year my friend and I went out to a concert and she was telling me about a relative who had died only the other day at quite a young age. The enjoyment of my birthday night out was over shadowed slightly because we were thinking about this person (who I knew as well), but my friend was saying that she was under the impression they had died from meningitis. But apparently according to another family member on the death certificate they had put 'lung cancer'.Ok yes they smoked but only as a social smoker. My friend thought this was wierd and took this to be a sign for her to give up and so that night she was on the electric cigarettes.

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