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The Button Box


I got up about 3am to the bathroom. I didn't turn on the light, I know the way. When I swung the bathroom door open on my way out, the light shone across my dresser. The middle drawer was hanging open. Wide open. It's one of those drawers you put "stuff" in. I put those little jewelry boxes you get for Christmas in there. Can't throw them out. So I know I haven't opened that drawer since at least January & this was in July. I was so stunned, I didn't close it. In the morning, I discovered one other thing. One of the jewelry boxes is one I keep buttons in. It was on my chair beside the bed.

I just looked at it all morning before I finally put it back & closed the drawer. Later, I went back one more time to look at that button box and it was gone. I searched all over for it.


But it got a little stranger in September. I have a laptop computer I keep on my chair beside the bed at night. One morning I got up about dawn & felt something metal on the end of my bed. A flashlight investigation found it to be the battery pack from the back of my computer, neatly placed at the foot of my bed.

One more incident like this and I am calling the Paranormal Investigators from down here in Georgia.

I tried to rationalize how this could be happening, even walking in my sleep. I read you won't do anything asleep you wouldn't do awake. But I don't even know how to get the battery pack off my computer. Now it's just getting creepy.

Maybe being alone at night isn't for me. The house is like Fort Knox at night, not easy to break into. My husband was staying overnight with my grandson while his folks were away for the week end.

I'm comfortable alone at night, mostly. But I heard the kitchen door open & slam shut. It woke me up. The door has a chain on it (We're from NY originally), so it could not open far. I chalked it up to my imagination. The following night, I was awake at about 4am. Not a good sleeper. I heard it again. If the door doesn't have the chain on it, it swings all the way open & it squeaks. I heard no squeak and I knew the chain was on but this time it sent shivers down my back. You can bet I didn't go out there to investigate, but I did in the morning. The following night, my husband was home. I heard the door slam again at about 3am. I was awake this time, too. That was the last time.

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Roxanne1106 (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-26)
Not much happens to me very often but today I found a neatly folded $20 on the floor. I never have cash, I always use my debit card. My husband is the only other person who lives here and he says it's not his, he's a debit card person like me. Nobody else has been in the house. Because I thoroughly cleaned yesterday, I know it wasn't in the floor just yesterday and I am very perplexed. BUT last night I did see bright lights at 2 am in my bedroom which is brand new tome. It had been a very long time before that since something weird happened. Usually with lights and electronics turning off and on. Sorry I don't have answers, I just wanted to add.
krmujn (8 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-25)
I don't think it's dangerous, either. It's actually kind of playful. One night as I was getting into bed, I heard, "HUH! Meow." There is evidence all over the house that I love cats. I have contacted the Middle Georgia Paranormal Society. I hope they answer me. Two others closer to me didn't even return my email or calls.
Swordsoflight (6 stories) (90 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-24)
Sounds like something wants your attention. It doesn't sound harmful, but it might just want help. Since it might not be able to speak, the slamming of the door and the moving of the objects might be its way of communicating. I don't think it wants to hurt you, but just be wary anyways. Better safe than sorry. 😳
Peace and ❤,
Aggers (2 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-23)
You have a ghost. Nothing to be afraid of.
It's not harming you, so it's not a bad one. Just wants to be acknowledged.:) to make you feel calmer you should check out yourghoststoroes website, which is linked to this one. A lot of people put their stories on there, and believe me some are freaking terrifying, which is why it will make you feel calmer reading through it:)

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