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The Batteries


Last year, I started wearing a hearing aid. It took a while to adjust to wearing it, putting it on, taking it out and maintaining it. It takes a very small button-sized battery, that I remove when I take the device out. It comes in a neat little box that I keep on my dresser. I place the battery in there loose, only one, so I don't mix it up with the dead batteries or the ones still in the package. I have a small canvas bag hanging on one of the knobs of my dresser where I toss the depleted batteries. They have to be specially disposed of. My husband takes them to Home Depot where they have a special battery disposal system

One morning, I got up and opened the box to put on my hearing aid. There were 2 batteries in the box. How did that happen, I wondered. I've always been so careful about that. I tested both batteries and they were both dead. I dismissed the incident as just accidental and moved on.

The next morning, I got up and found the box contained 8 batteries. Now I was alarmed. Was I sleepwalking? I tossed all of the batteries into the canvas bag and tried to put the incident out of my mind. I had a busy day ahead and actually did forget. When I returned to the hearing aid box that night, I remembered but I was too tired to ponder the problem so late at night.

In the morning, I reached for the box in the dark. I could feel little objects around the box. I switched on the light. The box was entirely surrounded by batteries. I checked the canvas bag and it was empty. I had been wearing my hearing aid for about a year, so that bag was pretty full of dead batteries.

I know I didn't put all those batteries out there and I know my husband wouldn't. Is this once again my mischievous spirit friend who has messed with me before, as described in The Button Box and The Ice Bag, or the Vegetables where I found produce on my bed.

One day I will research who else lived in this house or, perhaps still lives in this house.

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