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The Ice Bag


My eyes are very irritated from allergies, so I sleep with an ice bag in my eyes at night, enclosed in a circular wrap held by a velcro closure. In the morning, it has warmed and I usually pull it off about 5Am and toss it on the left side of the bed. My husband picks it up in the morning and returns it to the freezer.

One morning last winter, my husband asked me where my ice bag was. I went in the bedroom to help him search. There aren't a lot of places it could go. We searched under & around the bed. My glasses sometimes end up behind the bed, so we searched there, as well. We took the bed apart. It wasn't so much important that we find the ice bag, but why it was missing at all. My husband was convinced I had gotten up in the middle of the night and put it back in the freezer. He took everything out of the freezer in the kitchen and found nothing.

Resigned to the idea that the ice bag was just gone, I was reminded of the disappearance of my button box, that I described in another submission. I never saw the button box again. I've searched the entire house for that box and there is no trace of it.

I gave up and used a back-up ice bag. But the gnawing question still lingered in my head. I was more inclined to think I had simply some how, misplaced it rather than classify it as "paranormal."

That is, until the morning it reappeared. I'm usually up before my husband, at the computer, scanning the news. He came into my computer room and said, "Where did you find the ice bag?" I said, "I didn't." He said, "It's on the bed." I stared at him in disbelief for several seconds before I flew into the bedroom to see it for myself. There it lay, next to my blue wrap, holding the alternate ice bag I had just removed an hour before.

I picked it up. It was cold.

Now my skeptic husband, not so skeptical anymore, was in disbelief. Like all skeptics, he tried to rationalize what had just happened. He swore I got up during the night when it originally went missing, and stuck it in the dorm fridge we keep in the closet for water. It has a small freezer in there. But frankly, I had checked that in our search and yes, I had tried to fit the ice bag in that freezer before but it didn't fit. You couldn't close the door. So, why was it cold? Where had it been?

We still have no answers.

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