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It's A Surprise, There's 3


I was sitting on my bed looking at pamphlets about wedding venues for my daughter. I was alone. I was up & dressed. It was 9 in the morning. I suddenly heard, "It's a surprise! There's three!" It was very loud. I was so stunned. It took me only a second to realize it was my mother's voice. She had been deceased about 12 years. The voice seemed to come from the bottom of the stairs. At the bottom is the room where my mother passed. It took me a moment to get up & look down the stairs. I was sure she was standing there. When I finally did, the hallway was empty. I just sat frozen for several minutes before I considered what she had said. "...surprise-there's 3."

What did that mean? I considered that she meant we would have 3 grandchildren but there were none on the horizon. I spent 10 years wondering what she meant.

The daughter whose wedding I was planning failed and ended in divorce. We were devistated. My younger girl married a few years later

And then the unexpected occured. My first daughter met a nice young man & they were married. It was then, 10 years after this message from my mother, that she meant "You will plan 3 weddings." even tho I only had 2 daughters. We didn't know if our daughter would be alright after the divorce. It nearly destroyed her. I think my mother was trying to tell me that she would be alright & she would marry again.

Since then, I have heard my name called out load several times. I was completely alone. One night my husband heard his name called. He turned to see who was there. He said it was right behind him.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-15)
krumujn seems when family, or ancestors speak.
Much of the time it is a language to be deciphered.

Sometimes it is just best to ask for confirmation
Three times.
Then look for signs to confirm the answer you
Feel this is in reference to.

If we are able to get really quite.
We can hear our own higher self and this
Can be a confirmation. This takes lost of patience,
As well as work. But can be accessed.

Possibly not having the full understanding was
Best. For had you warned your daughter, would she
Have listened?

When I have warned my daughters, at times they
Have gotten angry and chewed me out.
Despite my warnings intervening in times when they were young in the past. Human behavior only wishes to hear good, and no upcoming troubles, so who knows if she would accept the words of
Hope. Each of us has a journey only we can travel alone.

The crux of reality may have been for you not to worry.

If the full knowledge was not known at least, in
The back of your subconsious there was a stir of hope.

Each day is a gift, with health and daily
Provision we are blessed. Anything can happy and all is
Possible, so we should never loose hope for the best is
Yet to come.

Thanks for sharing your story

krmujn (8 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-15)
I wish it had occurred to me at the beginning that she meant 3 weddings. It would have prepared me better for what later would become a hammer.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-15)
Family that have died do come and check out the
Living when it comes to marriages, births, deaths.

And that was my first thought 3 marriages.

But their normally frame is to encourage with
The message, that it will be ok. And that they
Are looking our for our kids.

I had this with my eldest. As Moms we ask in the
Back of our mind if all will be ok?
Some times these questions are emotions rather than
A direct question. Then comes our loved ones whom
Crossed over with words of light/love and support.

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