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Gift Of Discernment Or Good Judge Of Character?


I guess my story is more of a question, with a story. I have always had the ability to read people and situations. I can tell almost instantly if a person or situation is sketchy, hiding something or not being truthful. I typically don't know why but I know that something is "off".

I have learned to trust these vibes and gut instincts because I have never been wrong. Time usually reveals my suspicions and validates my initial feelings. I cannot see ghosts or feel people's emotions. It's more of a feeling I get. Sometimes I will meet someone and get a good feeling and not know why. Other times I meet someone and get a bad feeling and not know why. I used to think this was just common sense or my inability to trust people because I had a really bad childhood. Then I've often wondered if my life decisions had something to do with it because up until having children I made a lot of poor choices and surrounded myself with people doing the same. Am I getting these feelings because it takes one to know one? However, my husband has a similar story to mine and he doesn't see what I see in people. Is this just a good judge of character? I'm at a loss to describe or define it but as I said I do trust it! As do others. My friends and family have noticed this and the accuracy I have had and now ask me what my opinion is of people and situations. Not for monetary personal gain. More for safety and emotional reasons. This is a really weird and uncomfortable situation to be in. When it comes to myself. I take these gut instincts as basically fact because I have no reason not to and every reason to trust it. When it comes to others. I'm petrified to give my opinion in fear it will be the 1st time I'm wrong. All the while, deep down, knowing I'm probably right. What is this?

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Mikanx95 (2 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-16)
I'm an empath, but I'm also same as you by having strong intuition. Believe me, you must never ever betray your intuition. It's trying to protect you from being hurt/injure physically or mentally from those people you felt bad about. I've tried to ignore it once, and I regretted it, because that best friend of mine betrayed me in the end. I first felt danger from her, but I thought to myself I'm thinking too much. Then we became best friend and in the end she ended up bullying me. She got people from other class to bully me too by spreading rumours about me. I should have trusted my own intuition. I was still young back then, so I didn't know how to make decisions. That's my story to you. Never doubt your intuition.:)
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-15)
It is believed our life force is located around the
Gut area.

Referred to as Intuitive knowing.

Sometimes the closest people near to us as husbands,
Seem to be more objective as this is a mans way
Of dealing with life. They are more of a divide the
Problem and tackle it this way.

I have always been right sensing women that are
Not even in my presence around my husband.
And see possible problem he does not see.

As husbands and wives deal with interactions of life

The fact that people come to you for guidance is proof, that it is more of a proven guided knowing.

So hey! Embrace the fact you have proof after proof
Of Intuitive knowing (Guidance).

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