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I Had A Dream


My daughter was 5. I had this terrible dream about her being hit by a car. I saw her head being hit. I started to wake up but I heard myself shouting, "No, I have to know what happens." I saw a black doorframe there was a hospital bed. There was a traction weight hanging off the end of the bed. There was a red flag on it. That was when I woke up. It was so vivid & upsetting that I told my oldest daughter about it.

One year later, it happened. She was in ICU w/a fractured skull & pelvis, fx femuer and shoulder and internal injuries. She was in a coma. My world stopped. She spent 2 weeks in ICU before she rallied some & was sent to pediatrics. It was in the new part of the hospital and I hadn't seen it yet. When I went into her new room, I noticed all the doorframes were painted black. She complained that the people walking by hit the weight on the traction frame so I took out a piece of red fabric from my bag & pinned it to the weight so it would be more visible. And that was when I remembered the dream.

She is 35 today. Her doctor told her because of the scar tissue in her abdomen, it was unlikely she would conceive. But she has 2 lovely children & she is a teacher today.

I don't overlook my dreams anymore.

Recently, I was recovering from a minor operation. I don't know why, but while my daughter came over to the house, she brought me an album. As I was looking at it, I passed out. I saw my mother and a man who recently passed from my choir. And I saw my daughter's hand reaching for my hand. It disappeared for a moment & I called out to her that I wasn't sure I wanted to stay yet. I think I saw heaven. I let her pull me back.

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Carolyn (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-20)
I had many years of receiving bad visions of things to come in the middle of the night and I was always wondering WHY since I could do nothing to stop the event from happening as I was given the event, but never told whom it would happen to... Well a year later and many hours of working on this gift and talking to my spirits they are now allowing me to know who the event will happen to and they are giving me a two day notice before the event is to happen --with this info I have been able to change some other wise bad events from taking place.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-09-18)
I think that's an incredible gift to see through the veil of this life into the next. So many people go through this life with so much fear but I think you've been blessed to see enough of the other side to know there is a heaven and that loved ones are waiting for our return home.

Thanks so much for sharing. It will bring comfort to others.


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