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Smoke /vapor /energy Experience I Had


Back in 2012 I was staying in a house that was 100years old and was being used as a Safehouse for victims of domestic violence. After many strange accurances that Don't fit subject matter for this site so I will omit details about, I woke up one morning and saw what looked just like cigarette smoke at the foot of my bed. The first thing I thought was " well I'm not smoking." It then came up along side my bed towards me and was about two feet wide and one and a half foot high and was actually more of a light tannish color. I then noticed it was more of a vapor/ smokey consistency and throughout it was millions of spinning, spiraling, not sure the exact scientific word but circles of pure energy I was not afraid of what I was seeing because it was so scientific looking and I just wanted to look at it longer but it only lasted like 8 or 10 seconds tops and it kept moving past and thinned out and disappeared. I would love someone to be able to tell me exactly what it was. It was real... I wasn't on any drugs... I don't have any mental disorders... No history of lucid dreaming and like I said the house was definitely inhabited by spirits. But this was pure energy and very cool. Anyone who knows me believes me and I've always said I didn't care if anyone didn't because I know what I saw and have always loved sharing the experience because it gives hope and proof that there is more gong on than most people are aware of. I just would love to know exactly what it is called. Thank you to anyone who is willing to share their knowledge on this.

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