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I am a paramedic student in my final year of study and have been working as a paramedic now since last November. Over my short time on the road, I have witnessed and seen a mix of terrible and wonderful things including the end and beginning of many different lives.

The reason why I am writing this evening is because I have experienced some strange 'feelings' around particular people that relate specifically to their health. It is hard to explain and I hope I make my message clear, but not understanding this situation has made it difficult to write about.

For starters, whenever on the job I come across a body of someone who has passed away, I can "sense" that they have passed on- before even inspecting them or noticing any obvious signs. It is almost like I cannot 'feel' any energy coming from their body. The way I have explained it before is "I feel like the body is empty, like all that's left of this person is a shell".

These feelings apply to persons who appear obviously deceased and people who look like they could be alive. I'm not having these sensations after feeling they have no pulse and saying to myself "oh he/she is dead so I feel like they are dead". I feel this way before I even establish they have passed on.

I have witnessed some resuscitation attempts and KNEW that the attempts would fail. Reason for this is feeling as though the patient's 'soul' is not there anymore- that they are too far away from their body. I feel like there is nothing inside of them anymore.

This is extremely hard to explain & have yet to come across another paramedic who experiences these feelings.

However, a couple months ago I was working in a retail store for extra money and a lady came into the store and everything about her reminded me of someone who was dead. Her smell, her mouth, her skin. It was her whole being that just alarmed something within me. I felt like she was incredibly unwell or suffering from a terminal illness. It was so strange being around a person who was alive, that just seemed to me as if she was deceased.

I guess I am writing because I'm wondering whether there is an explanation for these feelings. A friend of mine believes that perhaps in a past life I could have been a clairvoyant.

I think what I'm looking for is whether what I'm feeling sounds familiar to someone else out there? These feelings I have do not bother me, I am just curious as to why they occur. Any insight/advise would be really appreciated.


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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-18)
crystal-jamie, clairvoyance is seeing, but it
Can also include knowing, and sensing.

I have been around the health field since 1986.
Various areas, to include Emergency room (aka:A&E).
Met loads of health care professionals.
One in particular, was able to sense and know
When the patient was dying, he was a male nurse.

For myself I had an instance of a young child,
Her mum had her in a wheel chair, and the child was
Wheezing. I had to interupt the Triage Nurse, for
A quick assessment. I felt it to be super urgent.
The child was dying, and I had never heard the
Death rattle. But she was dying, it was not her coloring, and her eyes were open.

You look at people, but when I feel people about to
Pass away. I get a smell of smoke burning.
And through the years it has never failed me.
If I ask, I can follow the smell.
Normally if I am called to help, I just run energy to
Help them cross over, when it is their time.
I notice that the aura is breaking up, I can feel
It and periodically if I have time I can see it.

Other times I see shadows, hear a voice.
Once it was so strange because I was in a hurry and
Saw a shadow over this young women.
Did not have time to really take a good look because
I was busy in the Hospital.

That morning she went into cardiac arrest,
It was odd, because she was kicking and sensed and saw
The spirit of death.
The sad part is she had messed with recreational drugs. So young to pass away in her early 20's.

I do not consider myself clairvoyant, but you sound
Like you fit the bill.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-09-18)
I think quite simply you become sensitive to what you do. You have seen more than most of us in your short time on your job than any one of us will in a lifetime. This is why you have found another in your profession that shares the same ability (I doubt you'd find this ability with anyone in all of banking!). I'm sure if any of us did this for awhile, we too would get sensitive to this. Do something long enough and you'll develop sensitivities that others do not posses. It rather reminds me of another conversation on this forum we had just last week about how people with disabilities channel their energies into other things because that energy isn't going to that part of their body (like a blind person who becomes much better at hearing and feeling). However, with that said, you're probably more sensitive than most on your job. Several things can happen with jobs like yours; some people will find it too difficult to deal with and block those feelings and intuitions out, while others like yourself will stay open to them and let the ability develop. You probably already possess certain sensitivities and fortunately you've kept them open. I give you credit for being able to do such a difficult job.

Thanks for sharing.

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