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Strong Intuition And Electrical Touch


My story is really just different, but similar events that have taken place throughout my life (I'm 35 years old) and I can't seem to figure out why I've had these experiences or what they mean.

I always seem to know, instinctively, if someone (most often a male), is going to factor in to my life in some important way. I've never considered myself psychic, but these experiences have me questioning what it is about me that allows me to notice these things.

The first time I took notice of this sort of intuitive feeling toward someone was in 7th grade. A new kid had moved to our school and was in my gym class (we'll call him Bob Smith). I remember seeing him walk out of the locker room for the first time and thinking "he's the best looking guy I've ever seen." Throughout our middle and high school years, I always felt an attraction to him, but never voiced it. There were a few occasions when I caught him staring at me, but I talked myself in to believing that I was just imagining it. We always ran with the same group of friends, but rarely hung out closely with each other and were both always dating other people. However, one night, at the end of our junior year of high school, we talked for hours at a friend's house. At the end of the night, my friend gave us and a few others rides home and he started holding my hand on the drive. I felt the craziest, most amazing electrical current when holding his hand, something I've only felt on two other occasions in the 18 years that's followed. He was sent away to a boarding school a few days later and I haven't spoken to him since that day. However, years later (this hand-holding happened in 1999), in 2007, I was lying in bed with my husband. We had been married about 6 months at the time, and we're both sound asleep when, suddenly, a voice spoke to me very clearly, in a dream. It said "You will marry Bob Smith." I reasoned with the voice by saying "That can't happen because we are both already married" and the voice said "but you won't always be." Now, I had no idea if he was actually married or not, but in 2009 we became friends on social media and I found out that he had married 6 months before I had. I never told anyone about my dream and that voice, which made even more strange when, in 2010, my mom told me she had a dream that Bob Smith, from high school (who my mom never even knew I liked or was very good friends with), and I were married and taking our kids on vacation together. Over the years I've had a few more dreams about Bob and I've ran in to him on a few occasions with both of our families, but that's it.

My second experience like this happened when I was 17, summer of 1999. I was driving down a small side street and I saw a guy I'd never seen before walking along the sidewalk. Something told me that he would play an important role in my life. In September of 1999 I transferred in to his class at our large high school and we quickly connected and began dating. He was my first love, but I always knew there would never be a future with us, just that he had an important role in my life.

In 2011, I became very enamored with a guy whose son was friends with my son. I had been married for 5 years and things were not good. My husband had talked to numerous women over the years, had no interest in me in an intimate way, was verbally and emotionally abusive, to name our most pressing problems. Well, I found myself VERY drawn to this man. There was this buzz and feeling in the air when he was around. I knew his mother from years back (she worked with my mom, had been to my baby and bridal showers as well as my wedding), but I had never met him. One day we were sitting next to each other, talking, and our knees touched and I felt the electrical jolt that I had only felt once before, when holding the guy's hand in 1999. Again, I felt a very strong intuition that this guy would play an important role in my life, but not necessarily that we would be together. Sure enough, we ended up having a brief affair, which caused my husband to take notice and beg me for another chance and my marriage took a big turn for the better.

Sadly, over the last few years my marriage has deteriorated again as there is very little connection, my husband has gone back to his verbally abusive, neglectful ways, which leads me to my most recent encounter. I should preface by saying that in October, on my birthday, I made an appointment with a local psychic, just for fun. My husband and I were seeing a counselor and trying to work on our marriage at the time. She told me that my husband will not change and if we stay together, we will soon buy a home and that will be a big mistake. I hadn't even mentioned problems with my husband or that we were seeing a counselor or thinking of buying a home. She said that if I can find the strength to break away from him, there is someone that will come in to my life that I have previously crossed paths with. She said that he will be a fellow teacher, but also kept seeing law or law enforcement as playing a large role in my life. He would be about 6ft tall with dark hair, hazel eyes, and Native American ancestry (can see it in the way they look), they would be the type that would "stand out in the rain and beg for your forgiveness" if they thought they had done something to hurt me and they would have an April birthday and a lot of Taurus in their chart. We would be together within the next year so long as I decided to divorce my husband.

Well, lo and behold, in December I had to take my oldest son to practice when my husband had to work late. One of the dads came over to talk to me. The conversation was very easy and natural, but I didn't really think much of it at the moment. He mentioned he was a police officer and had originally been a teacher and was hoping to teach in the academy within the next few years. He is probably a little over 6ft tall (I'm pretty sure the psychic said "around, no more than 6ft tall), very dark complected with dark hair (brown eyes, not hazel, though), his birthday is in April, though he is an Aries, but when I looked up his chart, just for fun, it is full of Taurus. Meanwhile, my husband an I had separated and I had filed for divorce. When I left practice this night, I thought "I really enjoyed talking to this guy" but that was it. However, I kept having a nagging feeling that there was something about him. He wasn't even someone that I would initially physically be attracted to, but I had that feeling again that this person was supposed to be in my life in some capacity. He ended up asking me to be his friend on social media and we talked to each other whenever we saw each other at games or practices. Talking to him was always very natural and we had so much in common, not just things that he could agree with because he was trying to impress me, but very random and detailed interests. A few days before Christmas, we talked at a practice, and as I was leaving he touched my back. For the third time ever I had that electrical jolt that went through my entire body. We ended up messaging for hours in Christmas Day while my kids were with my husband and he was in a hotel room waiting to board a cruise ship the next day. He then messaged me the next day before boarding the ship to tell me that he couldn't wait to talk to me again when he returned.

Well, while he was gone, everything went off the rails here at home. My husband (who I had filed for divorce from weeks earlier) suspected that I may be talking with this man and ended up finding out via someone who worked with the guy (nothing inappropriate had been discussed. We had talked about kids, politics, interests, and sports). Apparently this guy had a reputation for being a womanizer. I also found out that, 9 years earlier he had slept with a friend of a friend who, herself, had a reputation for sleeping with married cops on a regular basis. When he returned from his vacation my husband asked him to call him and he threatened to make him lose his job for pursuing a woman that was, technically, still married.

And this is where I am today, confused about strong feeling and intuitions and psychic predictions and how they all fit together. My husband and I are currently seeing another counselor together and things seemed promising for about a month. I have been told that my husband is a soul mate for me, which I've always felt, but that he will never change. I've also never felt that jolt of electricity when touched by my husband. And what about this man who I felt a very strong connection with that ended abruptly? I don't know what it meant. I feel like maybe my intuition with him was wrong and I was warned about him being a womanizer to keep me from pursuing him further. However, my attraction toward him is still there. It's as if I have this strong feeling that his role in my life has not been fulfilled, or mine in his. He also matched up with so many of the psychic predictions for the man who would be in my life that I would find happiness with, but would I really want someone who had that kind of reputation? And I don't think he would dare talk to me again after the way my husband threatened him. Not to mention he has his own marriage/separation drama to deal with. But I just can't shake this strong feeling that our encounter was cut short and is not complete. I just don't know our purpose in each other's lives.

And what about this guy from high school, and my dream that said we'd get married and then my mom's dream that we wee married? He is obviously happily married to this day (the voice in the dream also said we would get together by the time we were 35, which is this year).

I don't know anyone else who has these types of feeling and experiences, so I feel really strange talking to friends or family about these things. I am hoping someone here can help me make sense of some of this and the meaning behind it.

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KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-23)
LavenderLilac, I think and I may be wrong, but, it just means that you share a very special bond or connection with that person. It could be from a past life, it does not even necessarily mean that he will play a big role in your life, just, the two of you shared a relationship; whether it was very close or as friends/acquaintances in a past life. Probably, he is most definitely in-tune with it as are you, but, sometimes the other person is completely oblivious to it.

The spark DOES seem to signify a romantic relationship in your experience/case because every time, you have experienced this spark with someone, he turns out to play the role of a romantic partner of sort in your life. All that you can do is explore the relationship until you decipher or figure out its role in your (previous) life. Moreoften, the relationship will repeat the same aspects again, and again. As many relationships are trial-and-error, these men seem to play that role in your life, to teach your something about yourself. I would advize you to closely look into each relationship and whether it was positive or negative for you, and the outcomes - and how it affected you; what was new about this relationship? What feelings did it bring up for you? When in your life did you meet his person - were you young, older, an adolescent? Was this something you needed in your life? Did he make you happier or stronger? Why would this connection be important in your life? What were the value/s of this connection being in your life? How did it end? What did it make you feel? Is the relationship coming to an end something that you would like to change?

Except, in the case of your life partner as he plays a much different, more steady and permanent role in your life. He is there to grow and change with you, to face the good times and the bad. He is your begin-all-end-all, but, the relationship might not be as hot, fiesty and sizzling or lustful as other relationships. This is natural; "the lovers/lust versus / or the-one who has a permanent role in your life". This is not to say, marriage should be boring and monotonous! No, marriage has some other aspects like, very special moments with your partner, growing with each other, understanding, hard work and commitment. Many people; men and women, are encouraged to find ways to spice up their marriage, make time to share those more memorable occasions and time for adequate "hot and fiesty" occasions. It will also greatly put into perspective the other encounters.
LavenderLilac (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-22)
I really like your insight and take on things. My question is, though, if you feel this "spark" or electrical touch with someone, is that a sign that they will never be a long term partner?
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-21)
LavenderLilac, what bizarre and wonderful experiences! Each and every one of them has played a significant role in your life and been key in discovering something about yourself - emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Honestly, I believe their role is more emotionally charged, but, it could be a mixture of them all.

"Bob Smith" was your "opening door". You were young and you had never really liked a guy, he immediately, grabbed that part of yourself, as a young woman, those parts like; flattery, adoration, kindness, sharing experiences, laughter, excitement, unconditional love, caringness, nurture, charitability, ALL of the emotions that are so deep ingrained within us, girls! He was only supposed to arouse the taste, wet the appetite for true love. He was not going to fullfill that part of your life of - true love, romance and sticking together through the grit etc.

Your dream was re-emphasising these deep feelings that you've experienced. Almost like smelling your favorite baked goods, even, if it is a very particular recipe that nobody knows, but, you immediately know it 100%. Hearing those words could have also been a premonition. But, for such a serious premonition to be fulfilled, there are so many hundreds of variables that must be met and kept for it to happen. You also have a soul-path which is designed for your - ultimate happiness and "Best-Self", or the opposite.

Now, you were more familiar with the feelings that you have when you meet someone who arouses these feelings in you, and that is why when you met your first true love, you absolutely knew, you 'just' knew that he would have that role in your life. HIS role would ultimately bring your role - as a woman, to its flourishment, nourish it and deeper explore it.

This might be a psychic gift that you have developed or always had, it could be natural intuition or the way you are designed. The way I am designed, you ask? Yes, these relationships will play an important role in your life and allow for that side of yourself; the Mother/girlfriend/partner/companion to be brought out, which is naturally occurring regularly therefor if it is absent or neglected in your life; you naturally "pick" it up, "source" them out or even conduct your actions in such a way, as to 'make' the event occur. This is very provident in your 2011 experience. You were being neglected, that part of yourself which is SO important for you, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally of; companionship/partner, motherhood, respect, givingness, virtue, confidence, homeliness or home-making, even child-bearing/child-making, and security. So, you met a man who would fulfill and idealize these qualities within you. It's almost like how a Mother Kangaroo has a "pouch" for her baby to sleep in and be cared for. If the Mother Kangaroo does not have her own baby to fill the sack, and another baby is stranded, orphaned and needs caring for, the Mother Kangaroo will allow and adopt for this baby to be in her sack. Oh, my! Another way of looking at it is the way animals are designed. The hummingbird is designed so it can gather dew from flowers while in flight, or the way; the moonflower will open at night under the moon and then, close in the day. People think it is only something physical, the sense of touch that can really have such laws attached, but, intuition and more specifically, self-preservation and reproduction is equally as provident within our physical world and psychic/intuition, as well as, emotional and mental world.

Perhaps, the 6ft dark-haired man has not yet, filled his complete purpose in your life. It was cut short and abruptly, and you haven't yet truly understood what his purpose is in your life. It may well come to pass, or the future may change - You are on a soul-path or life-path, your choices will mean either you find happiness or otherwise.

We don't often find this "spark" with our husbands because they play a more steady, developing and grounded part in your life. He is not supposed to be the "big-bang!" Or the most charged and rampant emotion in your life. He is a constant which is a good thing. It grounds us and allows us to find that steadiness and consistency in our lives. This is something I have heard one thousand times over; the concept of "lovers" and "the-one".

However, if he really ill treats you and is truly making you unhappy, you will follow your soul-path to a happier outcome, but, it will be through each decision you make throughout the day.

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