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Warm Hand Shakes


I'm new here and looking for guidance. I have been experiencing things for all my life now. I'm not sure what you would like to call it.

Some of these things are visitations in dreams from the dead, Dreams or thoughts that pop in my head that predict future or answers (so much that I have ruled out coincidences.) I have had dreams in which I know for a fact are my husbands dreams and not my own. I have once been told that as when I was a child my fathers spirit used my body to communicate with my father the night of his passing. I have no recollection of it though. I think I have seen a spirit passing by although I'm not sure because I feel like they play tricks on you and make you think you saw it yet you still feel like you didn't. I need guidance in this. I have noticed certain peoples hand shakes are warmer than others and it almost feels very powerful. What is this? Also, I have been having visitation dreams from the same passed person and for some reason I can not get the message. What tips if any can I do to accomplish a clearer dream to receive the message? I Do not meditate. I feel that maybe I should and I have before and the quiet sort of scares me. I am always on edge and very anxiety filled. How can I, if at all, encourage this to be better and yet positive and what is it? How does one spiritually connect with ones self. Sometimes I feel so drained and not myself at all. I feel like I have out of body experiences that I know aren't but they feel like I'm not me sometimes. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks to all!

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (108 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-26)
I may be able to help with the hand shake thing. Some gifted people can pick up information through touch. Some people are healers or hand workers and can sense and control energy flow through their hands. I myself can read people and objects by touch. I can gather a large amount of information through a hand shake. If people allow me an extended grasp I can learn a lot about their life and past. I also have the ability to see through the facade someone puts up to hide behind. I once had a psychic who manipulates others try to attack me. I projected heat and energy into his hand and arm at the same time telling him I enjoyed meeting someone like him. He told me that I had a firm genuine hand shake. He let go immediately and said wow you have hot hands. He understood right away that I knew about him in a second. I replied that I work with them a lot and spend a lot of time outside in the cold. Many times if I touch someone or something they just held I can get information from it. I also can sense changes in the electrical field or static charge in the environment around me. Unfortunately I seem to zero in on negative energies without even trying and have to constantly try to tune down or counteract it constantly. I am a Christian and this helps me a great deal with protecting myself. With time things may change for you and clear up some of the confusion. Be mindful of everything you do but take time to relax and ground yourself.
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-25)
I personally think that visiting your husband's dreams is more of astral projection than telepathy. Perhaps its a bit of both. It is said that we all astral project (astral travel) every night while dreaming, so maybe you developed a natural ability to be conscious during it and somehow the two of you projected together? So my tip would be to study up on astral projection and how to induce and control it. Also study lucid dreaming, which is probably the cornerstone to this entire thing.

As far as if it is morally right to do so, you may want to ask his permission first. As long as he is cool with it, then yeah I say go for it. You wouldn't be too happy if he is having a dirty dream with another woman though, I would think, and of course that's 100% possible. Make sure you don't judge him whatsoever on what the dream content may be, because it wouldn't be fair. We all dream things that we wouldn't tell people in real life.
spiritamethyst (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-25)
Hi starsofclay. I have no idea about the handshakes but I am positive of the person in visitation dream is passed and it happens to be my husbands dad. Whom I'm never met before outside of my dreams. Also the dreams I've had that I know are my husbands... I rarely have them anymore but when I did I knew things he's never told me. I'm really curious as to how I did this. And would love to know if there are any tips on any of it. At the same time I feel like maybe I shouldnt? But I feel as if he's telepathically shared them then I shouldn't feel bad for seeing what his mind has shown me?

No idea. Thanks for any help
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-23)
As far as handshakes go... Well, who knows? Perhaps your hands were extra cool or clammy at the time when you notice warm handshakes? Or maybe those particular people have very open energy centers, maybe without them even knowing it, and you are picking up on their energy.

I'd like to hear more about your visitation dreams... Are you sure it's a passed person? As far as should you meditate...YES! But I promise it doesn't come easy for everyone, myself included. There are several methods of meditation, and not all of them require it to be quiet. A very nice walking meditation out in nature is a good example. Even if you just do it in your neighborhood. Let your mind run away with itself, or try to focus on one single thing at a time. Practice being in control of your mind, and when it does run away with itself, practice bringing it back to a specific topic. Or just let it run away with itself and see what interesting topics bubble up to the surface. There really is no wrong way of doing it, you just have to do it.

I have made huge strides in self-healing my anxiety through meditation and mindfulness.

That all being said, I myself have been trying to have clearer dreams, lucid dreams, or just to improve the recall of them. There are lots of tips online, most suggest journaling, which I admittedly fail to do. It's really all about just strengthening that muscle, as with any other thing.

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