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Electrical Changes Around Me


Things seem to be out of whack and I am trying to avoid being pointed more as a weird person that is living out here in America. I can no longer hide anything much longer that has an explanation behind it. I stayed with my Dad and experienced light bulb outages that did not occur with me being at the house. My Father light bill would go through the roof and go back to normal range once I leave the house. I am now in my Mother house and is experiencing cable outages. The cable would be interrupted and come back on repeatedly. She thinks I am bothering the cable box because this did not happen until I moved in. There has been two cell phones that screen went totally black out of nowhere. This caused my Mother to replace both within weeks apart. My sister does not stay at this residence as well. Her cell phone bill increased, she had to change companies and phone number. My Mother light bill as well increased almost $130.00 since I been here. Everyone actually is in the pattern of connection that ultimately led to my spiritual awakening. I am completely isolated from them as I been wishing for and trying to do. I do not contact them at all, nor even have feelings towards them. Since my awakening, I am completely isolated and headed towards a new life as if I was born all over again. I am a clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath and Clairsentient. I do not even talk to them through social media. I rarely ever speak to my Mother because all I ever hear is about how much I have changed. I am completely woken up now because the feeling I experienced felt as if I lived in a trance.

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sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
4 years ago (2018-02-08)
[at] ThulsaDune I sent you an email from my gmail account. Hope to hear from you soon
ThulsaDune (3 stories) (105 posts)
4 years ago (2018-02-08)

Yes, I still use the listed email. Feel free to contact me that way.
sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
4 years ago (2018-02-08)
[at] thulsaDune are you still available at that email address? I have plenty of updates for you and would like your help
sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
5 years ago (2017-03-01)
[at] kikigirl having gifts can sometime be scary. My spiritual awakening has opened up a lot of realiziations. I am basically woken because I felt sleep all along
sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
5 years ago (2017-03-01)
[at] ght I have most of the electrical happenings at my father house. The house I'm currently in now (mom) I just hear knocks on the wall and tapping on sheets of paper.
ThulsaDune (3 stories) (105 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-28)
Hi, and I hope to help clear up questions and misunderstandings through conversations and questions. I do not want to scare people if possible, but too many people are experimenting with things that they don't understand. They are opening themselves up to things with no guidance or protection. I did not say psychics were attacking psychics or their energies. There are energies in other realms and on different planes of existence that are not and have never been human. Everything around us in our realm is made of vibrating energy. Everything in this realm vibrates at different frequencies and reacts or cancels out against opposing frequencies. We are the only unique form in this realm that is made in the image of the creator and has been given the gift of a soul and free will or freedom of choice. The creator has given us a set of rules and boundaries that we have the freedom to do whatever we want in this realm with those boundaries. I can have a thought make a decision and effect my future and present right now. On the other hand I cannot hold my hand out and will an apple into existence for a snack. That is against the rules. There is a veil, curtain, wall boundary that protects us from the other realms, planes, universes. We cannot move through or to them in our soul form until this vessel is shed. We are protected from them here as long as our energy does not travel past or through that boundary. Every time we enter into that realm we open or disturb that veil or boundary even if or just a brief moment. Sometimes we unintentionally let things through and then they will affect us or others around us. If comment 1 B. Is true don't worry I just fixed it. LOL.
I have spent a lifetime closing these portals and openings and beating back these entities and doing my level best to cleanse and help people. Not once have I taken money from or gained anything from anyone by doing it. I have been given a calling or mission to do these things and was warned that if I used my gifts for personal gain that I would lose them.
Comment 2. And 3. She already knows if she is true to herself that something is out of balance. I don't mean to be to rough or aggressive, but most people just don't get it if your too warm and fuzzy with them. Too many people feel it's fun and exciting and that there is no risk in trying to move or reach out past the protective barrier given to us. People especially new or young psychics need help and protection and guidance while growing and experimenting. I have advised her to find someone in her area to help her right away and hope she will not experiment or try to go any farther. To your last comment on the baking analogy, think of me as the chef who says pull it out now before it burns and you will be fine. 😊
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-28)
Well, as long as there's a solution provided in the message, even if it says that you're being haunted, and no one is being harmed, including the messenger, then all is well to me.

You may be a SLIder. Do the lamposts go out when you are walking on the streets? Research it on google, its perfectly normal, there are many people who affect electricty. We are all energy, everything is energy.

You may also have telekenitic/psychokinetic gifts due to affecting electrical things so a way to help lessen those helpless emotions you're feeling about your family and maybe calm down the activity is to do this simple energy work:

Shield yourself and your home. Here is the link-
Imagine a big bag and dump inside the bag all of your excess energy, negativity, negative emotions, anger, unhappiness, and negative energy. When you are done dumping it all out, tie it up, hand it to your angels and ask this- "My angels, please take this bag and transform everything in it into positive energy and then give that positive energy to someone who needs it."

You can also ask that the angels give you that positive energy instead. Maybe give it a shot and see if it works doing it once a day minimum for a week.

Also, you can create landhooks when traveling long distances like walking, running, bicycling, driving, etc. All you do is imagine a rope of energy coming out of the back of your solar plexus chakra (which is where your stomach is) and create a big hook at the end of the rope. Then, anchor the hook into the Earth and travel away.

Making the landhooks gets rid of extra energy, creates healing energy for others, and is good karma for everyone.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-28)
ThulsaDune, was it vampire Bill? Okay, no I am joking and I apologize.

Can I tell you something ThulsaDune? You say, people are getting attacked by psychic energies, particularly psychics and being undone by malevolent forces? Then;
1. HOW can you come onto a website and tell someone, "there is something attached to your soul, a worm and it is a malevolent energy."
1.A. This is the worste possible thing that you can say to a person and you have no way of knowing how he/she will react. How do you know he/she is not experiencing the most trying, challenging and terrible time of his/her life and what you say will only make him/her feel worse and give the "spritt" more energy?
1.B. How do you know that you are not making-the-future? You know, what we think becomes our truth? So, maybe he/she did not have any bad energy at all, but, now you have opened a doorway. 😠
2. THEN!... "Don't worry!" - The person is going to worry! Wouldn't you worry if somebody said this to you?
3. THEN!... "It has been there for sometime". Honestly, I feel I must tell you that the way that you speak or write constantly supports negative affirmation, and drastically makes stronger the feelings of helplessness, worry, insecurity, depression and so on.

Maybe, it is because these messages come to you so pronounced, loud and forceful that you don't mean to but you then, give the message in the same way. You have this gift, so, you have learned to deal with it, but, some people need understanding, compassion and lengthly explanation to come to terms with and understand their predicament in a way that will improve their life and strengthen their spirit, in the end.

You asked a few questions relating to her experience but, that was it! You need to; read the recipe first then, get all of the ingredients, sieve all of the dry ingredients like the flour and salt first, break the eggs gently, add the milk specifically, add some water and then, carefully place the mixture into the right temperature - Before Baking!
ThulsaDune (3 stories) (105 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-28)
I asked these questions because I am concerned for your safety. I am not on this site all that often. Usually I get information and am compelled to act. I usually am compelled or driven to open this site once in awhile and help people at risk. I have spent many years dealing with and battling dark forces and energies. I am 50 years old and have experienced many things in my life since childhood. In the last 10-12 years I have seen and experienced a major uptick in the occurrence of malevolent forces. More and more people especially psychics are being attacked, used and controlled by dark forces. People are being influenced and used with and without their own knowledge. In the recent past I have been trying to help and protect a family that has been infested with a malevolent entity. It attached itself to a family member and has been causing all kinds of trouble in their home. The reason I am telling you this is that I get visions in first second and third person. I travel in visions and sometimes watch from outside the entities perception and sometimes interact with them. I have learned a lot about how they use and infest people. When compelled to I try and warn people of the dangers they are attracting. As psychics we need to always be on guard and protect ourselves. I trust nothing I come in contact with on the other side. They have tried to deceive me many times but, I have the ability to see them in their true form. I believe that you need to seek someone in your area to help you cleanse and clear yourself and your energies. A couple weeks ago I was getting visions and images of someone with a parasitic entity attached to and following them around and feeding on them. This thing was partially wrapped around and attached like a leach or ship worm and kind of floating around this souls aura. It was sending energy into and drawing out of this soul. I watched the energy change colours as this happened. I believe you are that soul. I am telling you this to help you and not scare you. Don't freak out or panic it has been there awhile. Just know that it can be dealt with. You now have knowledge it did not want known. You need to get help as soon as possible and deal with it. There is anther person on this site right now with something similar but not quite the same. Again I was compelled to give you this information to help you. You need to gain control and balance in your life and soul. I have no reason to tell you this for gain of any kind and do not wish it. I do not need contact or validation. I only want to help those who need it when they need it. I genuinely care about the well-being of other people. I have an inner voice that won't be quieted until I act on what I have been given for information. I was literally yelled at by a man's voice in my head in the middle of the day driving between cities. I was told to pay attention and then given a vision a few days later. It was a a male voice possibly of someone who knew you in the past. I get William or Bill for some reason.
sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-27)
[at] thulsa I've been recently asked about channeling before but I am looking to research more about it. I've been asked that quite a few times. My parents are both Christian and know nothing about it. The decisions to leave the house or any decision now feels like I didn't make them on my own.
ThulsaDune (3 stories) (105 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-26)
sunshine taylor,
Could you expand more on your past a little. I am sorry to here that your relationship with your family has changed. Are either of your parents religious and how do you feel about it? Do you believe in God or a prime creator? The things you are talking about sound like you are being steered by a force or energy greater than your own. Have you been involved with channeling or anything similar before these changes began? Are you ever exhausted after being in large crowds? Do you sleep through the night or wake up several times? Do you feel like you are sometimes a back seat driver in your own body? Do you zone out and all the sudden focus attention on your surroundings and become lost temporarily? Please expand on these questions. I think you could benefit from some friendly guidance.
sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-25)
The one thing I am coming to terms with is reacting to situations I use to think were daydreams action and words would play out exactly how it happened in my head. When I am around a person I have what is called "Precognitive dreams". I can sense what you are thinking when you are around me. I can sense your presence and have the gift to pull you towards me without purposely doing anything. Repeatedly you will keep seeing me if you are inside a circle that will lead up to a completion. When I walk into buildings I am very known to have people come towards me without me even asking or saying a word to them, making themselves look guilty confessing. I have walked into buildings and even made calls unaware of why I just did it until later. The scariest thing of it all is that I blurt out things when I use to think I was panicking until everything I ever said was true. I had no clue what I just said. I write things down not aware of why I wrote it down, and it made no sense until later I see the connection. I use to think I leave the house on my own terms and make decisions on my own terms, but today I figured wrong. When I ignore my abilities or try to brush it off I get pushed down only to try again. I re-lived situations of people lives that were close to me or related to me. I had a spiritual awakening and my entire life felt like a mission. This entire experience felt like levels of a game and I could not understand it until the mission is completed. I am now recently understanding why I am like this and how come I am able to do the things that I can do.
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-23)
could you share with us in what way does your mother or others think you have changed? Also I'd like to hear some of your clairvoyant and clairsentient experiences.

I hope your family doesn't miss you too much. 😢 I alienated myself from most of my family for a very long time, (but for other reasons than being psychic), and it really hurt.

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