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I am currently 14 and I already know I'm psychic. I have had pre cognitive dreams and have experienced plenty of the symptoms/signs of being psychic (e.g constant deja vu, getting extremely weird and strong gut feelings out of the blue) but this one was rather strange. I went to use the restroom at night and I looked in the mirror and my eyes had changed color. I have seen stories about eyes changing color to yellow already and eyes changing over the course of peoples lives, but mine is a little different. My eyes are blue in general and sometimes turn to a grayish blue like ice. But this time they were a jade blue-ish green. Now sometimes my eyes would only have minor changes but this was a huge and drastic change however it only lasted for a minute or so and went back to normal So I was wondering if anyone had any answers. Like I said before I already know I'm psychic (clairvoyant to be precise) but nothing like this has ever really happened to me. My guess is that it was just my psychic powers acting up but I don't really know. The part that's really confusing for me is they turned jade blue-ish. Its weird cuz I have never heard of that happen to anyone only purple and yellow.

I actually just remembered (while I was writing this) something that happened a few days ago. My cousin Shea came over to help with moving and stuff. He is only a 2 years younger than me but acts mature so he is able to take this psychic stuff seriously. Like me he is also psychic but he doesn't receive as many psychic dreams or signs as much but we are pretty close in terms of psychic ability. So when he came over he took a legitimate quiz and found out for himself. Then we just went back to playing our game but then we looked out the window and saw my neighbors house which is usually normal. But this time my psychic sense was going haywire as well as his. So we tried to figure it out by focusing on the house. Then I got an idea: try to link my mind with Shea's and figure it out. I didn't know exactly if it was even possible but it worked and we received visions and saw each other in the vision. It was more like a slideshow but I was at the window and Shea was inside where I couldn't see. Then I saw a weird ghost-corpse thing staring back at me and that's when I said nope and stopped. Then mostly everything was normal. So I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it but it might I'm not sure. Hope anyone has some answers here is some additional information (me:male, 14, believes in ghosts, christian. Cousin: male, 12, believes in ghosts, athiest but believes in god I don't know it's kind of iffy.

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Melda (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-31)
Storm5 - Firstly I would like to comment about the change in eye colour. This is a medical condition. My older sister had green eyes (exactly the same colour as mine). At about the age of 40 her eyes slowly started turning blue. They eventually became the most remarkably blue eyes that I have ever seen. Strangers approach her simply to tell her what beautiful eyes she has. Paranormal? No.

Eyes also become a little darker or lighter depending on our mood. Take some time and google change of eye colour.

Possibly you and your cousin can synchronise your thoughts - that is not an uncommon phenomenon but nevertheless very interesting.

I am not trying to sound patronising but describing yourself as being psychic is a rather broad term. You are still very young and have a lot to learn.

It is very possible that you have psychic abilities but give yourself time to grow and try to keep your feet on "terra firma", don't rush it! 😊

Regards, Melda

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