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I Think She Saw My Wings


I had a bad work day. On my way home, I had this need to stop by this spiritual healing place nearby. There was this woman in there. I'd met her once before. Right off the bat, I felt like she could see me - like, the real me, beneath the flesh. It was kind of unnerving, but also comforting at the same time. It was nice to be able to be myself and use my abilities while shopping without being judged.

Anyway, I went in there again today and she was working. She recognized me and remembered my name, even though I hadn't seen her since December. I looked around, bought a few things, and we began to talk. I shared some stories with her. I've posted here before about my wings and how I believe myself to be an Earth Angel. The energy was reacting with my wings, making them shudder and vibrate. All the while, this woman was looking right through me. She said she was going to cleanse my aura. I almost asked her if she could see my aura, but I was too shy. Since she said that, I couldn't shake this feeling that she could see my wings. After all, I discovered my wings at the same time I figured out how to see auras. I still didn't ask, but that feeling that she could see my real self nagged at me. As if in response to my thoughts, she said in a low voice, "It must be strange being incarnated, wearing that mask."

My jaw almost hit the floor. I played it cool, but I was completely blown away. She told me that I loved this planet, which is why I chose to be born to it (funny, because I actually find this world both boring and aggravating). I'm going back there for guided meditation, so I'll have to learn more then.

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