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Is My Experience A One Time Thing Or Not


I have always been interested in the paranormal and how mediums can see spirits. My home with my family was built by my parents, so no one has died. As a child I hard being alone in a room and in the dark. One time at age 3 or 4 yrs, it was daytime, my mother was sleeping after a night shift at work. I walked to my brothers room in the back of the house, and it was just pitch black during the daytime. I took a couple steps inside and something grabbed my ankles and tried to pull me into the darkness. I clawed st the carpet unable to scream, and for some reason, it let me go. My brothers to this day (I'm now 29) deny pulling a prank on me. There must have been things I saw that I can't remember, after all that, I never slept alone in my room. Either on the top bunk in my brothers room or on a small mattress on the ground next to my mom. That's all that has happened for a long time. But I always was able to sense of someone was good or bad, and I always felt off. I had some. Nightmares that were very real. One time a young girl at the end of my bed kept talking hut I don't remember hearing her, so I sat up out of a dead sleep yelling, "what?".

I moved out with a friend to an old tiny house 20 months ago. After what I experienced, I moved back literally after 1 month. Even tho I only slept there for two weeks. One night I was unpacking my clothes, and I kept hearing people outside in our front yard, which was small. I slightly opened the blinds barely, but three people in our car port looked at me. I told my room mate, she ran out there yelling and whomever it was, she didn't see anyone, by I saw two people in the back of my truck lay down like they were hiding. She looked and nothing was there. They were loud to me but no one else in the culdesac heard a thing all night. I now know they were spirits. They were at each window, and the one that was by my bed, I had curtains covering it, and the way I can explain it was I saw a movie reel projection of this guy's life. They couldn't get inside, I was terrified and kept trying to ignore what the guy was showing me about his life, which I remember perfectly even tho I didn't watch all of what he was showing me. One of them said to the others, "we are scaring her. Look she is shaking because she is so terrified." This spirit was respectful and realized I had no idea what was going on and how to handle it or help them. He finally made them all leave me alone, I never saw them again for the last week I slept there, but I sensed their presence.

I am back at my family home, I have been messed with while I fall asleep at night, and I had to finally line my area with salt to protect myself so I could sleep. And it helped.

Now after reading/hearing my story, am I a medium empath? I wonder if I were to go someplace with history, would I see spirits again, clear enough to where I would think they are living people like the experience I went thru? Is there anyone who is a medium that can tell me if I'm a late bloomer with abilities of having the sight of spirits? I want to learn how to close, and also open when I want to and learn how to help spirits pass on. I hope someone on here reads this and has advice for me so I can protect myself and not be scared to leave my family home bc of what I might see. If you would like to know that mans life story, I can post it of what I remember. It's quite remarkable. Thank you.

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