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Having The Gift Of Empathy


They say being an empath is never easy, and so it is with me. Although I have other psychic gifts, I thought I would try to explain my thoughts on this one. Every since I was 14 I have been able to feel other people's thoughts and know what they are experiencing. It is definitely not easy, particularly in crowds or when I can feel someone's pain. It is almost like I have lived through just about everything imaginable. I have felt the pain of losing a loved one many times, felt people who've felt completely trapped and having been forced to endure unspeakable tortures, including being raped and having to overcome it. Yet on the positive side I have felt having a new baby in your arms and the joy that it brings, feeling overwhelming love for a spouse, or having accomplished great things in one's life. It is almost like living not just my life, but everyone else's as well. In a crowd I can even feel everyone who is around me at once, even if it literally thousands of people, while feel all of their emotions at once, some good and some bad, but I feel like when I do that I understand them all, I can see just where they are coming from and what they hope to experience in that moment. I can feel people's hopes, dreams, ambitions, and desires, as well as their fears and regrets. The few people who really know what I really am and what I can do and go through on a daily basis often ask me how I deal with it, and the answer is I don't know, but I do know that I will always appreciate it. To me it is like a whole other world that is very much permanently connected to the one of this plane, and to me it is beautiful. I love to feel people, both the good and the bad, and I love to experience them, and as I do, I find that I understand humanity even better. In particular I like to help people and know that I made a positive difference in their lives. I may not be able to do everything, but I try to do what I can.

In fact I very much need this world of emotions and being able to feel people's souls. I used to feel guilty for doing so, as people should have a right to privacy, but I also have learned to accept that if you are always using your gifts for good, you shouldn't worry about that.

Do not forget any of you empaths just what a wonderful beautiful gift that you really have. It is hard but it is also so rewarding.

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mystic_enigma (1 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-19)
This is a wonderful story. Up until recently I have been too afraid to embrace and use my gifts because I did'nt want to open the flood gates of the unknown with out anyone to help me. I feel extremely guilty when someone dies from unnatural causes expecially sucide because deep down I know I should have helpped but I just really don't know how. I think my son who is 4 almost 5 recently read my mind 3 times. Twice in the same day and again 3 days later so I need to get a grip on my gifts so I know how to help him. Please help me?

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