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Surprise - The Object Moved


My name is Tom and I remember certain psychic experiences starting from my childhood. Usually, these experiences are related to keeping me safe. Some experiences have saved me from harm or even death.

This experience is different because I made something up with witnesses and it came true.

I worked at a major telecom company and it was break time. I went downstairs to a lunch room table with two people I knew and the rest were complete strangers. Probably six or seven at the table.

Nobody was talking so I decided to convince them that as a group, we could move an object with our combined minds. I put a pencil on top of a pop can. The kind of pencil that has ridges and is impossible to roll. I convinced the people (made it up) that we could move that pencil off the pop can by concentrating on moving it.

I demonstrated before our little test, how difficult it would be to move. I shook the table, blew on it and no effect.

Then I told the group to concentrate on the small dot at the center of the pencil and attempt to move it. As the group appeared to concentrate, many were losing focus. So, I said, "you people aren't concentrating".

The pencil then jumped off the can and rolled across the table. The group promptly left with no comment! This pencil rolled about 6 feet and off the table in the opposite direction of the group.

After that experience, I did a few other things along the line of making something up and convincing the other person that it was true. Once, I gave a guy a list of things that would happen to him if he didn't return money that he was overpaid. The first three items on that list came true and he returned the money sure that the next item would come true also.

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rreine63 (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-11)
How do I control telekinetic occurrences? Is there a mantra I could try? It seems that when I am highly agitated I lose control! Since as far as I can remember I can push objects away much easier than pull them to me. I deeply feel this is due to anger or reflex action! Any advice in controlling this emotion? Thank you, and God bless!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
3 years ago (2021-01-25)
I think that goes to show you the power of the mind! And with multiple people, I presume it's exponential.
Thanks for sharing,

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