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Flashes Of The Past In Objects?


I am a sensitive and an emapth. I was wondering if something that I did has anything to tie in with my gifts. I was doing some antique shopping in my town. It was a typical day and I went to the antique mall. This time it felt different from when I've went there before. But I just shrugged it off as nothing. Well as I started to pick up certain objects I started t get flash of how a person would of used that object but I couldn't see that person. It was like an outline of them I guess you could say. Also when this happened I felt like surge of energy. As I continued to walk through the store, the energy that I was feeling started to become intense. I started to noticed that even if I didn't pick up an object I could still see how that person might of used that object. I was walking around and I see this book case filled with old books. I was immediately darn over there. I walked over to the book case and began looking through the books. As I was looking through the books there was one that I was drawn to. I don't remember what the title of the book was. When I started to look through it, I saw some handwritten notes on the inside of one of the pages. As I started to read it I was getting flashes of this person writing it and I heard their thoughts like as if they were right there writing it. If that makes any sense to ya'll.At that moment I was freaked out. I put the book down and walked out the store. As I the day went on all I could think about that book and all I wanted was to have that book.So,the next day I went back to the store and this time everything felt normal. I picked up the book no flashes, and no energy. I opened the book and no voice was heard. I set the book back down and walked out of the store.

I was wondering if any of you have ever had something like this happen to you before. I was also wondering if someone can explain how I did this thing. Have a great day and thanks.:)

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midnightrose (5 stories) (39 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-22)
Thank you guys for your input. And I hope that you have a great day.:)
crazy14 (2 stories) (28 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-22)
This is something that I've been doing for awhile now, only for the most part it only happens when I want it to happen. I'll touch an object and I just feel its history and events that may have transpired with it, its value to someone, and the feelings behind them. I often have visions of these events taking place. It can be a very valuable gift although it appears that you at least don't really have any control over it. Since this particular ability is one I've never really had to work at to control I can't promise I'd be able to help though.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-19)
I have had similar experiences but not as strong as your experience. I can only feel the emotions of objects but not always.
Its called Psychometry which allows you to tune into an objects energy. You were picking up the energy left by the pervious owners. Psychometry allows you to f eel emotional sensations and physical sensations.
The reason why some objects have energy left by previous owners is because what ever object is important to us we will imprint our energy onto that object.
I hope this answers your question.

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