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Force Shield Or Something Else?


I am 19 and I live in Arkansas. I am a sensitive and an emapth. I am still trying to get the hang of my abillties but I've come along way. There is something that I can't explain that I did and this was in the fall when this happend.

So I was dreaming that I was lying on my bed and that this blackmass was hovering over me. I felt like it was sucking my energy. (I forgot the term for when this happens) I awoke from what I thought it was a nightmare but then I saw it hovering over me. I didn't have any idea what to do and I was frozen in my place. I remember that I was thinking I wanted this thing away from me and I wanted it gone. I felt something change in me. I felt something from deep inside of me take over. Then I saw what could of been like a force shield. Anyways as soon as it touched the blackmass, the blackmass flew over to the front of my cabinet that has my t.v. On there. Then the force shield. I was concentrated on making sure that the blackmass wasn't able to break through it and I sat up to get a better view. The blackmass kept running into and it pounced off. This went on for several minutes. Finally it went away after probably because it realized that it couldn't get to me. After it left the shield went down. I felt very weak and drained. I fell against my pillow and blacked out. It took me two day to remember what happened to me.

If anyone could please tell me what I did that'll be great. Also if you have any ideas on how to control what I did that'll be great. Have a great day and thanks.:)

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midnightrose (5 stories) (39 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-02)
Hey PsyBlade11, nice to meet you too.Lol,what a small world after all.:) Thank you so much for your help. Very true about positive thoughts equal positive outcome. I will try the meditation and see if that helps. Again a many thankd.:) Have a great day and many blessings,
PsyBlade11 (2 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-30)
Hey there midnightrose, very glad to meet you, I've seen you around lately, you've even spoken with my new friend red_velvet!:D

I have done something very similar to what you have done in the past many times. Yes, you did create a force shield, that repelled the entity away from you because you didn't want it to harm you. I would say you used your will to make it so it couldn't touch you, and that it would bounce right off of you like trying to leap on a indestructible bouncy bubble. Usually, shields are created by taking in a deep breath, and thinking of an orb around your entire body, then you give it a purpose, you can give it literally any purpose that you wish, and so it shall be if you really desire it to do what you tell it to do. It takes a little bit to control it properly, but it isn't extremely difficult, considering you did it yourself on the spot. For some, it's easy, others, it takes a little bit to get the hang of, for it to work in the way you wish it to.

If you like, you can take a breather, sit down in a comfortable spot, meditate for 5-10 minutes, and as you are meditating, try to form a shield/barrier around your body, give it a purpose, a basic one would be to nullify negative energy, so that it would be neutralized as it tries to come towards your path, something I usually do when I want to have a good, refreshing day without any negative energy.
Hehe, positive thoughts equal a positive outcome, nothing can harm you if you don't allow it to. <3
That is just a basic example of a energy shield, that I like to call it. If you would like anymore examples, or to even get in contact so we could chat about literally anything you wish, please, feel free.

Much love, and stay frosty,


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