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Force Perception


I am going to get straight to the point. It all started in seventh grade. I was in Spanish class and we were doing an exercise where your partner had to draw an image on the board and then you guess what it is in Spanish. It was all normal until it was my partner's turn, I couldn't see the board or the marker but I could see his wrist. Looking at his wrist I could feel the marker and from the marker the board and I used that information to form the image in my head and I knew what it was before he even finished. The more interesting part was that I was right and he was extremely confused. After this it seemed to go dormant or at least I didn't notice it again until Freshman year. Once I noticed it again, I could control it like an on off switch. I could feel the peoples shoes hit the ground, but not just that. I could feel what the floor felt like and the shoe. I can feel peoples lungs expanding, every time someone touches something, I know how hard they touched it and what the object they touch felt like. I feel each individual flap of a birds wing. This isn't the only thing that occurred after it reawakened. Suddenly my hand-eye coordination increased rapidly. I used to be terrible at catching and throwing, but ever since I could feel the forces around me it has gotten crazily better. Recently, my ability has gotten stronger to the point where I can look at things and know how they feel without touching them. I know how heavy they are, what they would feel like if I actually touched it, and I think even temperature. I don't know what this ability is officially called or if it is even psychic. In all actuality, I want to know what people think and if they have any information for me.

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