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Since I could remember I could see a force like thing around every thing I look at. When I was in 6 grade I ignored them and continued life. Now in the 9 th grade, I started taking interest in them and wanting to know what it is.

I can see a clear force thing around everything I see it connect to other forces like a door when I open a door I see two clear like things separate and I can also see this on wall. I was in class staring at the blinds it looked like to was raining but in diamonds.

I just want to know what's going on. The forces are clear and vary from thin and small to think and large. I also if I really think about it I can feel the forces. Some of the forces are brighter than others. I need help understanding what it is. I can also see clear pictures sometimes when I close my eyes playing out. I asked my fiends if they ever see the glow force around a teacher or them selfs and they say no.

The forces can also have layers like on a light pole there is a close layer then a foot after the first layer there's another and another the most I have ever seen is four and the brightest I have ever seen the force is almost like a light or white on an off white. I can get feelings from something I touch.

Has anyone out there experienced the same thing as I have and if so do u know what it is. Thank you for reading this and if u can tell me what it is that I see that would be great.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-21)
Hi Beachlove,
I believe I can answer your questions. I am 50 years old now and have seen the same thing since I was young. I learned more about it through time and experience. Everything around us including us is made of energy. All of this energy forms particles, waves of frequency, and electromagnetic fields. You perceive and see these things the same way I do. Many people describe them as Auras with different colours, but mostly around people. I see these light waves and energy fields around everything alive and inanimate objects. I don't see colour differences like some people do. I see what looks like heat waves shimmering across hot payment. They are brighter or dimmer and bigger or smaller. I do also see absences of them around dark spirits. If I don't see them around some one or some thing I know that there is a problem. That is just me though. I am not saying for you in your situation.

I can also feel the differences when I put my hands near an object or feel it. I also feel the differences in what I call positive or negative energies. I sense and feel the direction they are moving. Either emitting from an object or space or being drawn into it. It is an ability I have that goes along with electro-kinetic abilities. I physically see and feel the differences at the same time.

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