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Felt Like My Soul Was Being Pulled Out Of My Body By Force


I have 2 similar experiences about my soul being pulled out of my body by a dark shadow. The first one happened few years ago whereby I was sleeping soundly and suddenly I heard a loud and high frequency noise in my ears and the next thing I know is that my soul was lifted up. I could see the whole of my room so clearly and I thought I was awake. Then, I saw a dark shadow clouding above me so I asked what does it want from me, and a voice replied by asking me to go to the graveyard. I was so afraid and struggled to move intensely but my body was too numb. I tried to scream for help but soon I realized I couldn't even hear my voice. There was nothing that I could do, so I gave up. Fortunately, I regained my consciousness and woke up.

The other experience which I encountered happened yesterday. I was in a very deep sleep and all of a sudden a dark shadow lifted my soul up and dragged it forward furiously. I could see myself passing through walls and saw several entities or realms. After a few seconds my soul transported itself back to my body.

Everything that happened was so clear in my eyes and it seemed so real. Could someone explain what has actually happened? It seems like it's a bad sign. I have read several stories here but none of you have the same encounter where the souls were not pulled out by force by a dark shadow.

Furthermore, what it am experiencing now is it called astral projection?

I hope some of you here will clear my worrying doubts. Thank you! I will be looking forward to all replies in the comment box!

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Brandon6996 (1 stories) (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-25)
From your description it sounds like an astral projection yes... But, it isn't normal for a being from an alternate plane to interfere with your soul. Most interdimensional beings aren't allowed or it isn't accepted for them to mess with our free will. But in your case, though it may seem like it was a dark entity, I feel it was in a desperate attempt to show you something, and your fear kept you away from that. I'm interested to know if you have any understanding as to what you believe the entity meant by asking you to go to the "graveyard". I've heard other stories of being senslessly pulled out of your body by an unknown force, but being that it was not you doing it, its hard to know the reason why.
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-24)
It can be a demon trying to enter your body. Or if you want a scientific explanation then it is probably a problem called sleep paralysis. The main treatment is improving your sleep and make sure you get a good sleep every night. My mother had a same experience as yours and what she does is " fight" with the demon and mumble religious verses. You can wear religious symbols before sleep to ward off evil. I don't know whether it works but my mom has to say it does. I hope you get okay soon!:)

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