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The Number 1,11,111


My name is Kenneth Lund.

I was born 03.03.1984 in Odda, Norway.

I have had these experiences regarding numbers. Which have led me into confusion and have altered my view on the world and how nature and the creation is put toghether.

My story began on the 13'th November, 2011.

That day, I was searching the internet (as I find myself often to do) when I came over this numerology site. Or, at least a site

With a birthday calculator and name calculator. I knew at that time that my birth number was 1, so I entered my name in the

Name calculator. ( try it out;)

I was stunned. Because I could no believe how a site could tell me about me in such a detail. How could this be? How could a stupid calculator come to me with such an answer?

So I tested out the birthday calculator.

And a pattern started to emerge, and have "haunted me" to this very day. And still is. Apparently.

I became aware of via that site when I entered my information.

*My birthday number is 11.

*So now my name and birth nr are 1.11

*I was probably conceived 11 June 1983.

*My name has 11 letters.

*And on the 13th oktober 2011, it was 111 days to my next birthday in 2012 (!?)

*The date this information came to me; was the 13.11.2011, witch I then interpreted as 1+1 day after 11.11.2011, due to context.

Things started to get mind buggeling and intense, and some hours later found out;

I have two mobilephone numbers.

* Phone one; sums up to 29 = 2+9= 11

* Phone two; sums up to 38 = 3+8= 11

*My bank contains 11, won't tell how;)

And since, the number 1,11,111 have come to me way to often in many different context.

Latest experiences (feb-april 2013);

*I also have found that K is the 11'th letter.

*That the license plate on the car I drive sums up to 1.

*That house where I live part time outside the city is numbered 1. (We don't have a number-sign on our family-house, I discovered by looking for my moms nr online)

*The ferryline which I have to enter to get to where our house is located, is lane 11.

*I recently moved in my brothers new house in Bergen, which he bought 2 months ago.

On the door there is a sticker from a security company called "Hafslund", and their phone number is 09111.

(Take in consideration that my last name is Lund)

*This house was originally built for a "Ms.Lund" back in 1930's, so that housepapers say. (we have no connection to that woman that we are aware of)

My brother found this funny. I on the other hand, see it as a part of a pattern) Getting hilarious.

Too many experiences to share. I think I can write a book soon if this proceeds. But I really feel I have to tell about how I met my girlfriend...

In February-March 2012, I was online dating! (I was torn by my ex, newly single and had set on a quest to find a "real" girlfriend.

But little luck. After 2 weeks intense searching, I found myself

Deleting my date-accounts that I had created. I was frustrated that I really did not find anyone interesting, and that I felt like a retard

When communicating with the ones I found slightly interesting.

But in the deleting prosess, I noticed a mail from a woman I had labeled as "interesting" on that particular dating site.

I earlier on marked her as interesting, cause we had a 95% match on that site. (You answer a lot of profiling questions, and your search filters out bad matches)

She had wrote me a letter and I replied.

And many letters was to come.

But at one point. I knew she was destined for me!

At point in the e-mail I wrote her that one the reasons I was marked her as "interesting" on that date site, was that she was born in the

Year of the dragon. I have been born in the year of the rat. And rat's are very compatible with dragons and monkeys. (According to Chinese astrology)

But in the following mail she wrote me that I had it wrong, she was born in the year of the monkey. And then she wrote: "... But if it helps, I am born on the 11'th in October.


In the following mail I wrote her about my experiences with the nr 1,11,111. I tried to give her a picture, but I had big regret when I pressed the "send message" button. (In was embarrassed that she totally ignored replying on the matter the following mail. It was not mentioned again until we had met in real life a couple of times. And I have stopped talking openly about my number experience because you don't meet to much understanding in such matters.)

But somedays later she wrote me. "Hey you? Did you know that you have you name day on my birthday?:P"

Again I was stunned. Will this meet no end? No coincidence. It cannot be!

So at her last birthday, we celebrated her birthday and my name day on the 11'th in the 10'th. How romantic.

I really think our love is true! And she made my miserable life come to light. And we are progressing great! My better half! (Thank you!)

Anyhow, I maybe thought that this should put 111 to an ease. I believed that I found what I was looking for, or came where I was meant to be.

But, it has not stopped. I know that it cannot be coincidence when I am bombarded with that number.

So this day today, 30.04.2013. I was out walking the my brother's girlfriends dog. And it was one of these days. 11 and 111 everywhere!

Car license nr, houses. And I got a message on my phone 11. 01 too.

So this led my to write this story. I was going to share this story on an earlier point, but could not because "the service was temporarily unavaible".

Maybe everything has its time.

But I'm looking for some answers and other people that have similar experiences.

I have come across information on youtube and google, that relates the 111 to;


*wakeup calls

*that I'm supposed to be on the right track (whatever that might mean)

*that everytime one sees 111, 11,11, that universe takes a snapshot and will affect you creation reality.

*Angels or entities sending messages tryng to influence this dimension.

*etc etc.

But I don't know. And I feel like big-time-fail if any of this is supposed to be true.

Maybe I have a part to play out, but I really don't have a clue.

My first thoughts was that I was attracting these numbers, but I debunked that fast. It seems too incorporated into my life and history to be neither attractions or coincidences.

I think the universe I speaking to me via numbers. But I have no decoder!

Help? Anyone? I really feel an urge to communicate with someone with similar experience, or who has some insight on the matter.

Anyone that can nudge me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Best regards!

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sigmadeadbolt (5 stories) (42 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-30)
I know this post is somewhat old, and this probably won't be of any relevance, but I was wondering if you have also had experiences with 0's? Because binary code uses strings of 1's and 0's. So maybe something or someone is trying to communicate with you that way. Humans have more influence to do things like that than many people think.
Lunicorn (1 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-01)
You aren't alone in this. While searching for answers to my similar situation with 11's, I've read of many people experiencing the same thing.
The only advice I can offer is what was already stated about paying attention to what you were thinking about at the time. At least in my personal experience it seemed to work. For me it doesn't seem to apply when I see the numbers, but on the occasions where my fiance has pointed them out to me. When that happens I know it's confirmation of whatever I was thinking about at the time. I think of it as my guides yelling "Yes. That's it. Pay attention."
Sorry I don't have any others answers as I still have no clue what it means when I see the numbers.
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
10 years ago (2013-05-01)
Reading your story, I find it amusing that you remind me of how I used to be when I was just starting out in my spiritual enlightenment journey.Don't worry,dude:you're not alone.You're not an epic fail either just because you experience such matters. In fact, you should be proud of yourself for finally taking that one leap towards spiritual awareness.
You mentioned that you don't have a decoder that's why you're confused. I must correct you if you'd let me, for you already have a decoder. And that is YOURSELF.
Seeing 11 or the same numbers as these serve as initiators of change,somehow,that you are well on your way to being spiritually enlightened. I should advise you to now rely on your intuition to serve as your great decoder, for these repeating numbers don't make themselves known until the appropriate time.
And I could feel that, for you, NOW may be that proper time.
These repeating numbers could also be messages from your spirit guides. They may be nudging you through the use of these numbers, so you will be able to acknowledge their presence and have them grace your life with guidance and love.
I would like to further hear from you, but for now? Listen and trust your intuition, reach out to your SGs and educate yourself
More on the matter.Remember,you are your own great decoder. Trust the spiritual side of you bit by bit... And I could assure you, the rest will follow. And it won't be as creepy or lame as you think!*smiles nicely*
PsyBlade11 (2 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-01)
Hello there Kenneth, very happy to meet you!:)

Every single number means something, and the number 11 revolves around light, and awakening, as the others have told you so far.:D

I see many, many different numbers myself, especially the ones that red_velvet are seeing, and more. Numerology is basically that of our angels trying to inform us what we are doing right, or what we need to continue to work on. There are many different websites for numerology. I shall give you a link to the one that is most helpful to me. Check it out if you need some more information on any numbers you may be seeing. Numbers are extremely powerful methods of communication, and they have very big meanings, but you just have to slowly work your way to understand them. Whenever you see a number, stop and think about what you were doing, or what you were thinking at that very moment, because sometimes that is the trigger, right there.

red_velvet (5 stories) (47 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-30)
hahaha! All these numbers are just everywhere... And if you think about it,it'll just makes you crazy >.< I do to see a lot of numbers... 11:11 12:21 12:34 12:32 etc. But I never really take anything serious about it.curious? so curious about what's the reason. But that's is life you know? At least that's what I think. I can't just get the answer like that.that's why I just to let it flow and see what will it unfold 😁
Livefree (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-30)
Have you experienced anything else unusual, like body twitches, premonitions that come true or other psychic experiences, vivid dreams, crying spells, isolation, hyper-sensitivity to any "lower vibration" energy? Seeing 11:11 is just one of many of the signs that you are awakening. However, you are no doubt meant to be aware of the significance of the number 11 right now because it is catalyzing you to wonder, ask big question, and try to see past the curtain. It's not coincidence.

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