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Since 2008 I have been seeing numbers a lot of numbers. I thought I was losing my mind. I thought it was all stress and some type of worry inside me. I was seeing 444,333,222,111, and many others numbers on and on. I went online and read books but nothing was helping me. Until one day I discover these are angel number warning and guiding me. The number 44 means to wait and no. Any idea, plans or things I want to buy. Its telling me not to do it for now, just wait. The number 722 is news or new information coming my way. Sometime its good news and sometimes its not so good. The number 333 means yes or go ahead with it. The number 77 I feel sometimes means you are on the right path or you are going to travel somewhere I never been before. The number 222 and 111 I'm still trying to figure out those numbers. I see a lot of numbers everyday and from many mistakes I learn what these number are trying to tell me but sometimes it gets hard to figure out everything. I also see 622, 544, 37, 47 and too many others to write down. I have a big list of number I see and I would love some answers and not worry so much. I'am trying to figure out why me, what is the purpose of all of this and what is the final outcome. Sometimes I wonder if anyone has gone through this too and how did it all work out for them. I would like a spiritual mentor for guidance because I think this is beyond me and would love help in this situation with the numbers. If anyone is seeing numbers or have any comment on this let me know. If anyone can let me what the others numbers mean I also would like to know.

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Noriko1111 (1 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-06)
1111 is an angel numbers. 11 is a magick number. There more meaning to it as well. Number 2 is duality. 3 is for trinity and a power number. 4 is down to earth. The four cardianls. 5 is a number for change. 6 is for a chaotic change. Either good or bad. 7 is a spiritual number and assoicates sometimes with neutrality. 8 represnet infitity. 9 is things coming to a conclusion. 1 is man or beginning. 0 stands for god or complete. Look into some books on numbers for better descriptions what I told you is just a tip of the iceberg. List just goes on and on. Got any question just send an email and ill do my best to give explanations.
aronk (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-03)
Am just silly maybe for saying his but are you life numbers are trying to make some kind of massage

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