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Mesa Serial Killer Dream Number Two


I was on the internet again looking at pictures on the internet. It was late at night. It was 3 am. The date was July 21, 2014. I lay down to sleep in my bedroom after being tired from working all week and going to a birthday party the next day.

I had tried to fall asleep at 11 pm that night but Christina keep waking me up. She wanted to walk the dog at 11 pm at night. Well she kept going in and out of the house. "Oden stop winning." Oden was our black German Sheppard. Christina tied Oden up to the front door and he was outside my bedroom door winning. "Christina stop taking the dog outside." I yelled. I had just fallen asleep when the dog jolted me awake again.

I opened up my bedroom door and saw Christina leading Oden outside at 11:10 pm. I just fell back asleep. Then about 15 minutes later I heard Oden my dog outside my front door Whining. "Whimper, Whimper." I fell back asleep. I was jolted awake by the noise of a large crash outside my front door. Suddenly, Christina opened up the front door. And she had Oden our dog on a blue leash. " Christina what was that noise outside our front door?" "Mom, just nothing." She looked at me with blue eyes and straight brown hair. I then heard our cat Shadow outside crying for food. "Meow, Meow." Shadow has a piercing cry that would grab anyone's attention.

I opened up the white front door. I saw shadow my furry black cat sitting next to the blue recycle bins and next sitting below on the concrete, was a torn down front aluminum gutter. It had been completely torn from the top of the roof. "Christina did you tie Oden up to the front gutter." "Christina looked at me sheepishly, no, mom I did not." I stood in front of Christina with my arms folded in shock. " Now I have another repair to add to the repair list."

"Chrisitina, you have a psychic mom, now do not lie to me." Christina just looked at me and walked away. I did not pursue the mater any further. It was simply pointless, trying to argue with a 12 year old.

Late at night.

I sat down at the computer. I could see Christina wanting to get on the computer. "now Christina you should be going to sleep at night. " I knew that school started in one month. I knew Christina was a hard child to control.

I started to look at the news and wondered what happened to some some of the serial killers. My question in my head was why have not any of them been caught. Finally It was 2 am I got to the Mesa serial killer unsolved and read the news. " Christina let mom concentrate on a picture it may help me dream about any events."

I then left Chrisitina at the computer at 2:30 am. I finally turned off the living room light. The room was dark now except the blue computer screen. But, finally, I got up. I could see Christina was glued to the computer screen. "Christina you really need to go to bed." Christina sat at the computer singing a song on the internet." I walked into Mykel room. It was a short distance to Mykel's room. I passed the stove and refrigerator. I then left the tiny kitchen to peer into Mykel's room. Mykel was fast asleep with the air conditioner cranked on high, in his quaint room. Mykel's long curly black hair was in his eyes. Mykel had a blanket on his body and Mykel's long 6 foot 2 frame was almost too long for his bed. My son was fast asleep. I could hear the train horn sound several times outside my front door. The train sounded close, but it was really about 4 blocks from my home on 23rd ave. The echo of the train sounded. It's roar of engine could be heard for miles. And the busy city lay silent at the 3am hour.

I quietly shut Mykel's bedroom door. I patted Oden asleep. My large Black Shepard lay asleep with tired sleepy eyes. I saw the dog steel black gate up by the living room. I pulled the gate aside and then put it back in place. The room was silent except Christina typing on the computer and the buzz of the living room air conditioner. I looked at the bedroom and silently walked to it. "Christina you need to go to bed." Christina sat at the computer silently and I knew she would not listen to me.

I then lay on my bed in the bedroom and silently looked at the black round Elgin Alarm Clock. It was 3:30 am. It was Monday night. I lay in my bed with the fan blowing cool air on me. I prayed to Jesus to see things to come. I said the Lord's prayer and then my last thoughts were about the Mesa 118th street killings wondering who did it. I lay asleep for several hours. Here is what I dreamed.

I was compelled to watch this event as a spectator. This man was inside s hotel room. It may have been a hotel or two story house. Outside there was a party. Outside the window there was laughter and people walking in and out. Men and women dressed in expensive clothes.

It was late at night. I saw a beautiful teen girl. She was blond. Her hair was straight and long. She walked around this man. She seemed like a prostitute. She had on a dress. This man talked to her calmly. He was about 40s with a polo shirt and dress pants. He had straight brown hair. He seemed very calm in nature. The man poured a drink for the girl and him. The girl took the drink and drank and talked to the man. The all the sudden the scene from my dream flashed to the girl then appeared with blood on her hair and neck area. This man had done something to her. I could see she was dead. He calmly put her in a bag. Long grey bag. He dressed her hair and prepared her like a mortician. I could see there also was a beautiful 20's woman dead in another area of the room. She also was prepared like a mortician. He just simply cosmetically dried the blood off and cleaned them up. This man stood calmly and drank a drink. It appeared like he had doe this before. He appeared to be a cop or someone with knowledge of forensics.

I saw in the dream all of the sudden, I saw about 7 more dead women, on the floor, and then I saw 10 spirits of other dead women he had murdered floating above him. As he was preparing the dead blond woman all the spirits of the murdered women appeared. The killer could not see them but I could see them as a spectator. I then woke up from the dream. I was startled I had slept for about 8 hours. I looked the clock and it was 11 am. I woke up and told the kids of the dream. The dream was so surreal it frightened me. I proceeded to carry on as normal and make the kids pancakes and bacon for mid morning breakfast.

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NightWind13 (47 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-10)
I guess you're right. I also think the killer is a cop. From the fact that they don't believe you or give no response, I think there might be a group of cops planning it. Mabye some are planing everything and the killer just follows their orders or mabye he is the "brave one" who goes to kill. The police doesn't believe you and doesn't even care to check your information so this makes me think there isn't just one police man involved in this job. Mabye you can open another email address with another name (just a random one) and send an email pretending to be someone else and telling them all your thoughts (try to do it in away that they won't find out it is you again). I will be happy if this helped you even a bit.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-13)
Well this is me talking the person who wrote the story. I really believe the killer is a cop or former cop. I saw this in the dream. I called the police no response and emailed them. Why not talk to me. I saw this madman and right no one believes in psychics.

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