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Two Strangers


I had been dreaming and thinking about two people that I didn't know existed until recently.

For the past 3 or 4 years I've had dreams about a guy these dreams would occur about a few times a year the guy was tall had blonde hair and blue eyes at the same time I didn't make much of it as I thought they were just dreams. At the same time there was a name I couldn't get out of my head the best way to describe it would be the one day the name just popped in to my head and since then I would just randomly think of the name but every time I thought of the name I would think of a specific country prior to this I had no interest in that country. A few months ago I was online just browsing the web I clicked on a picture and it led me to an article on models with their photos, the photos had links to the models social media accounts I was looking through one of the models photos he kind of looked familiar I was shocked because he was wearing the exact same thing as the guy in my dreams was wearing same shirt jeans etc... A few days later I was looking for a face portrait to draw and suddenly I found a very unique face I searched to see who he was apparently, he is a model too he has the same name that I have been thinking about and the same country I researched and both models are from the same country.

I'm just wondering why would I have dreams/thoughts about two people that I have no connection with? It just seems random to me, because I have no interest and have never had any interest in models or that country.

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