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Two Children, An Elderly Neighbor, And A Fire


Since I was a child I've had very lucid dreams. Some of my dreams have a very clear, powerful message that I can easily understand, while others give me a feeling that something urgent is being shown to me, although I don't always understand what the message is. And then there are the dreams such as the one I am about to relay. These dreams are terrifying and as I learn later, they are happening either at the same time that I'm having the dream, or within a short period of time before or after. If anybody with any understanding of why these dreams occur, please help me to understand.

It was a late Saturday morning in late February and I was 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child. My two older children had just laid down for a nap and so, being tired myself, I laid down as well. My dream began so suddenly... I was in my house, but it didn't look like my house. I knew even without seeing it that the back bedroom at the end of the hall was on fire. This was the room in which my two children slept. They were still in the room and I had to get them out but the door was shut and either locked or jammed. I tried several times to grab the doorknob but it was too hot and it burned my hand, so all I could do was pound on the door and scream for my babies. I finally ran out of the house screaming, and pounded on the door of my elderly next door neighbor. She called the fire department and then hurried back into the house with me. Together we both pounded on the door, but could hear nothing of my children on the other side. Somehow in my dream I knew they were gone.

When I woke up I went about my day, very shaken and disturbed by how real the dream seemed and how terrified I was in the dream itself. That evening when the newspaper came, I had calmed down and just about put the dream out of my mind, but it all came back when I opened the paper. The front page story was about a residential fire that occurred somewhere around 11 am that morning, claiming the lives of two small children who were trapped in the back bedroom where the fire began. The children's mother ran to her next door neighbor's house for help after trying unsuccessfully to enter the bedroom. Together she and her neighbor tried their best to get the door open, but were unsuccessful. AS I read further I realized that the dream and actual event weren't the only things the young mother and I had in common. She was an acquaintance of mine, as our husbands both worked for the same company and we all shared mutual friends. She was also in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy, making this her 3rd child, and the elderly neighbor she sought help from? She was her landlady. Her landlady was also my landlady, although they lived next door to one another while I lived in one of the rental houses across town. Details of the fire indicated that a sheet from one of the children's beds got into a lit, open gas space heater in the room, thus setting the room on fire and killing the children. Those poor babies never had a chance.

Besides wondering why I have these types of dreams, I also have to wonder why the dreams occur as the events are taking place. How can anybody be helped by these types of dreams?

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pm3000 (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-26)
Yeah I think it's a "mental shock absorber" or help people. After my grandfather died, my grandmother took his ashes from the US back to the sacred Ganges River in India for the final rites. She was supposed to be away for a month, and we weren't in contact everyday. One afternoon I took a nap, and dreamt of a gospel choir singing by a river, and the English translation of the Sanskrit prayers. Later that day, my grandmother called to say she had completed the rites that day. I had also dreamt of my grandfather's passing 6 months before his death, and had symbols that only 3 of his 5 children could be at the funeral, plus the color of the hearse (white - they are usually black).
pm3000 (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-26)
This is interesting. I have dreams that come true as well. But I usually don't know until several months or a year has gone by. I had a dream that I was in an apartment with a friend's boyfriend, and the apartment caught on fire. I wasn't very close to that friend's boyfriend so it was odd. About a year and a half later, that friend's boyfriend had an open room in his apartment. That summer, our 3rd roommate left a candle burning while we were luckily all out on a saturday night. And the apartment caught on fire. I didn't remember the dream until after this had all occurred. Also once I was moving a few years later, and I had a feeling that someone jumped off the roof of my other friend's office. The office building was part of a popular mall. Later that day I met her at someone's house, and asked her. She asked me how I knew about it. Someone had in fact committed suicide, and she as the VP was sent as the first responder from their company. So she was probably thinking about her friends as she encountered such a sight.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-11)
For dreams that occurs simultaneously I normally get an ache in my stomach. I just pray.
Other times we are a witness to the people crossing
Over, giving the dying support that they are not alone.

With dreams we witness an event that is occurring.
We tap into TIME. Time does not have a past or a present or a future.

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