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Future Children? Do I Have Visions Or Is It My Imagination?


This happened about 2 years ago and its happened more frequently so I thought id share it and get opinions.

I was I think 11-12 and I was always in my bedroom and having issues at home with my mum until I eventually moved out as she has scizophrenia and always did the ouija board which made weird things happen in the house and as a result I was lonely, scared and sad and had anxiety issues...

I was sat on my bed in my bedroom and I was playing on my xbox and I was thinking to my self "wah I'm lonely I need a boyfriend" as like a joke and I had a sudden vision there and then about sitting on a step in a place I didn't recognize and a boy in a red jacket coming to me. At first I thought it was me and my imagination and what I wanted my boyfriend to be and dismissed it. But not long after that (I think about 2wks-1month) I met a guy and we met up and he was wearing a red jacket but I had totally forgotten until later in the day when I was sat on the step and he came closer to me and my heart sunk to my feet I jumped up and screamed "I've seen you before this has happened before I was meant to meet you!" I was so spooked and my heart was racing and I asked myself "why?"

I had never been the type to pray or meditate or go to chuch or even get into spiritual things even though I am infact christian and that gave me a strong believe of something being out there even though I beleived already.

I have had many "visions" but I feel like they have been effected by my thoughts and feelings and aren't really visions as I have altered them? So I don't really trust it but I keep having the same image of someone in black (me I think) pushing a blue patterned pram in a shop getting baby things (it looks like poundland or something of that sort) and the baby has blue earthy eyes and blond curly hair and has a chubby face and button nose and even now I can see me putting things under the pram and pushing him but I'm thinner than I am now. I'm mixed and quite tanned so I was thinking the dad must be white as I have hazel/brown eyes and black hair.

Last night I also had a weird dream which linked to this boy, there was 3 babies a girl who was the oldest and a set of fraternal twins (girl and boy) and all 3 looked similar with the same hair and eyes and I felt that I had neglected the twins and never seen them since their birth for some reason although they were my children and I was surprised he came to me. He was comfortable with me and the same child from my "vision" and sat on my lap as I was sat next to my partner who I can faintly remember but I felt a strong bond and I wonder if I will have 3 children or just one in the future as the "vision" and "dream" are clearly far in the future

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CrysKin (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-25)
I've had visions all of my life. They became more direct and time specific when they included my children. I remember telling my Mom that I had a dream about my eldest daughter when she was less than 6 months old. In the dream I saw her as an older child wearing glasses. I don't know how I pinpointed the specific grade that she was in, but I told her she was in the third grade. When my daughter was in the third grade she began wearing glasses.

Years later I had a vision that rattled me. At the time I had 2 daughters and they were much older than the little girl I spent time communicating with. In the dream I had a full conversation with a little girl and she was so affectionate. She looked a lot like my daughters but she had full black curly hair. Her personality was so different than my girls. She was hugging and kissing me so much that I was caught off guard even in the dream. I hesitated but told her I loved her too but my voice had uncertainty because I was trying to figure out who she was. I shared that dream with everyone who would listen. 3 years later when I became pregnant, I had no doubt that we were about to physically meet. Her father wanted a boy but I reminded him of the dream. My vision was spot on! My daughter is now 6 and she is everything that I saw. She even has the full black curly hair.

I came across this post today because I just had a vision. My husband and I talk about possible names of children and expanding our family when we move into our new home. My 6 year old has been saying that she's ready for the baby. She calls her by name as if she's already here. I had a vision today and saw them playing together. If my vision is accurate I'll be making an announcement soon. My 6 year old looked 8/9 and the baby was walking.

I hope every positive aspect of your vision that grant the desires of your heart come to pass for you! Stay safe and healthy!

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